The Unlikable Road to Freedom

by Octavio Salvado. Imagine a yoga world where people automatically assumed that when you go to a ‘yoga’ class you will also practice meditation. Imagine a yoga world that taught classes without music, recognizing that silence and single pointedness of mind are the pre-requisite for the deeper inner experiences that yoga promises. Imagine a yoga … Continue reading “The Unlikable Road to Freedom”

The Hypnotising Force of The Goddess Bagalamukhi

by Karina Guthrie. Do you remember the last time you were stunned? By an idea? A beautiful vista? An unexpected experience? Love or beauty? Beauty, in particular, has a ‘stunning’ effect. Think of the last time you told someone: ‘You looking stunning’. This ability to stun, in all its forms – according to the yoga … Continue reading “The Hypnotising Force of The Goddess Bagalamukhi”