Changing Our Outlook, A Practice to See Things as They are

by Ami Effendy. Yoga begins in the present moment, and the present moment begins in silence.  From that silence, words are born.  In the Yoga-Sutra attributed to Patanjali (third century B.C.E), considered to be one of the core text of yoga psychology, we begin with a simple sentence: “Atha yoganusasanam.”  This is translated as ‘in … Continue reading “Changing Our Outlook, A Practice to See Things as They are”

Men, Yoga and Limiting Beliefs

by Jonas Plass. Last month we offered our first annual Men’s Spiritual Health Week here at The Practice. Aside from free presentations, sharing circles, a three-day retreat, and a variety of related ‘treats,’ we also offered free Beginners and Meditation classes for men throughout the entire week. It was precisely on account of this occasion … Continue reading “Men, Yoga and Limiting Beliefs”

Tantra: Living Your Life to The Fullest!

by Pelin Turgut. Yoga, spirituality, and meditation have gotten a bit of a wellness reputation as of late, with there being a tendency to put yoga classes and relaxing massages in the same category; two things that make you feel good. Which isn’t necessarily a criticism, both work with the body, there’s often relaxing music … Continue reading “Tantra: Living Your Life to The Fullest!”