Mastering The Moon. Medicine for The Modern World.


Saturday, 29th June 2024

Rp 1,300,000  OR Rp 910,000 – Early Bird Price Until 14 June 2024

“Complete Mastery Over The Roaming Tendencies Of The Mind Is How We Break Free Of The Perceptual Prison. This Is Yoga.” Yoga Sutra 1.2

According To The Yoga Tradition, The Mind Is The Ultimate Instrument Of Spiritual Evolution. The Mind, Which Symbolized By The Moon In Hatha Yoga, Allows The Light Of Consciousness To Flow Through Us And Illuminate Our Life And Choices. Mastering The Moon, Which Includes Calming And Stabilizing The Mind, Plus Activating Our Own Innate Capacity For Clear-Seeing Is The Foundation Of Success In Both Practice And Life. Learn The Ancient Techniques That Will Allow You To Access The Mind’s Inherent Luminosity And Transform You Into A Powerful Meditator And Practitioner.      

Topics Explored:

  • The Traditional Hatha Yoga System Of Moon Sun Fire. 
  • The Antahkarana – The Inner Instrument. Vedanta’s Map Of Understanding The Mind And Its Relationship To The Soul (Purusha). 
  • The Kleshas – Understanding The Mental Afflictions That Separate Us From Our Higher Self.
  • Karma Chakra – Understanding The Wheel Of Karma And How It Can Work For, Or Against Us. 
  • The Pancha Koshas – Five Sheaths Or Layers Related To The Psychological Dimensions, Physiological States And Different Levels Of Awareness. 
  •  Traditional Hatha Yoga Practices Including Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) And Kriya Meditation To Heal The Mind, Let Go Of Unwanted Mental Impressions And Access The Mind’s Innate Light, Stability And Clarity. 

The Healing Power Of Prana. The Source Of Life And Vital Energy


Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th July 2024

Rp 2,600,000 OR Rp 1,820,000 – Early Bird Price Until 12 July 2024

What Makes All Motion Possible? 

Whether It’s The Blinking Of An Eye, The Budding Of A Flower, The Splitting Of An Atom Or The Falling Of A Star, It Is Prana. Prana Is The Source Of All Movement And Manifestation In Every Aspect Of Creation. If There Was No Prana, There Would Be No Existence. 

When We Learn How To ‘Feel’ Prana And Ultimately ‘Direct’ It, We Begin To Live Life In A Far More Masterful Way. We Become Creators Of Our Own Destiny. Giving You The Tools To Do That Is The Goal Of This Workshop.

The Message From The Tradition Is Simple: Master Your Prana In Order To Master Your Life. Then You Can Live Your Most Vital Life, Full Of Power, Joy, Clarity, Intelligence, Vitality And Most Of All, Be A Positive, Healing Force In The World.

Topics Explored:

  • What Is Prana?
  • What Is The Pranic Body?
  • The Prana Vayus: A Key Aspect Of Our Pranic Body As It Relates To Practice.
  • The 7 Stages Of Traditional Hatha Yoga And How Prana Fits Into This Ancient Map.
  • The Difference Between Tantra And Yoga As It Relates To Working With Prana.  
  • Developing Pranic Sensitivity. 
  • Key Practices To Direct And Shape Prana.
  • Awakening The Higher Senses.
  • Traditional Hatha Yoga Practices Including Asana, Pranayama, Bandha And Kriya Meditation To Cultivate And Direct Energy.