Deepen your personal practice of asana, pranayama and meditation or enjoy a guided practice either at home or at The Practice. Available for all levels from beginner to seasoned yogi, individuals or groups. Let The Practice crew bring the practice to You!

1 – 2 people: Rp 1.200.000*
3 – 6 people: Rp 1.500.000*
7 – 10 people: Rp 1.800.000*
11 – 15 people: Rp 2.400.000*
More than 16 people: Please contact us for details


Jason is now offering private sessions 1:1, revealing your individual life/soul path through Vedic Numerology. Utilising the teachings of Samkhya & Yantra Yoga, in a subdivision called (Ank Jyotisha).

For your specific calculations, I will mathematically mark out the energetic ‘wave’ or path you are destined to follow. These frequencies keep life turning and when undisturbed also keep it in perfect balance. Each of these nine energies or frequencies have a unique effect on all levels of your being, as well as time itself. In other words, one year will never feel the same as the next, nor will one month, or day, or minute. If we are aware, each second presents a brand-new opportunity to align ourselves to the higher code of life.

When you choose to have a session with me, we will discuss where this ancient technology/wisdom comes from, how it relates to you from the perspective of both your physical energy of this current lifetime as well as your energy in the form of eternal consciousness (soul cycles). Finally I give you a map and teach you how to read it, so that you can come back to the information for the rest of your life and gain more and more insight into how best to ‘lean in’ to what the universe is offering on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.

What I cover and what you receive…

  • A visual numerological map of YOUR life from 0-100yrs, how to read this information, & a guideline to develop your own intuition over time that can lead to deep revelations about your Past, Present, & Future!
  • Introduction to the Yogic World View (Samkhya).
  • A deeper dive into the sub-division, known as Ank Jyotisha (wisdom revealed through the numbers).
  • Universal 9 forces/frequencies & how they apply to your Dharma Marga (birth path number).
  • 3 Secondary Influences (cycles of approximately 27-33yrs).
  • Yearly cycles over the course of your entire life.
  • Monthly cycles of time… from 2024 forward to your 100th birthday.

SINGLE Session (1 Person): 1.7 mil IDR (printed & digital materials included) – 75 minutes

DOUBLE Session (2 Persons): 3 mil IDR (printed & digital materials included) – 80 minutes

FAMILY Session (4-5 Persons): 5 mil IDR (printed & digital materials included) – 90 minutes

Gift options also available as either in-person session or via ZOOM!

Please inquire about discounted rates if you have completed a YTT with The Practice!

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