Can I just drop in on a class or do I have to book first?

You can just drop in on a normal class. If it is a masterclass, you do not need to book, but you are recommended to arrive at least 15 mins early, as the classes have a limit. If it is a workshop or course, you will always be encouraged to book in advance to secure a limited spot. The cost for a drop-in visit is 150,000Rp.

Do I need to bring any of my own props or mat?

No. At The Practice we will provide you with everything you may need (bolsters, mats, blocks, straps, hand towels, and even eye pillow) to have a fantastic class.

How long are the classes?

A typical class is 75 mins.

Do you sell booklets of tickets so the classes work out cheaper?

Yes. You can buy a booklet of 5-passes, 10-passes or a monthly unlimited pass. Click here to see the prices.

Can I still join a class if I am late?

As a sign of respect for the other students and managing the flow of the class for the teacher, strictly no late entry.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, we have credit card facilities at The Practice.

I am a beginner. Do you offer classes for beginners?

Yes. We want everyone to learn yoga and use it as a way to improve the quality of your life off the mat. We also run workshops occasionally that are designed to help beginners step boldly into a yoga studio. Please check the Yoga Schedule for specific days and times for the beginner classes.

What do I wear to a yoga class?

Anything you feel comfortable in. Plus if you don’t think you have appropriate yoga wear, you can always buy a range of yoga wear at The Practice shop onsite.

How do I find The Practice (i.e. where is it?)

We are in Canggu, which is about 45 mins to 1 hour (west) from the Denpasar Airport depending on the traffic. The Practice is on Batu Bolong about 300m before the beach on the left hand side and opposite a Mexican restaurant called Lacalita. To see the specific details on Google Maps go to the Contact Page or directly to Google maps.

Do you have showers at The Practice?

Yes we do. But you need to bring your own towel.

Are my personal belongings safe while I do a class?

Aside from the fact that our security staff are super diligent and want to work with us for life, we have CCTV cameras in all of our storage areas.

If I start doing a class and decide I don’t like it can I get a refund?

We sort of follow the cinemas in that regard. If you don’t like the show due to personal preferences, you can’t get your money back. If it is less than 10 minutes and our Manager is in a good mood, you might get a refund.

If I buy a booklet of tickets or an unlimited pass and decide I need to leave Bali early, or will not be able to use them all, can I get a refund from The Practice?

No you can’t. However the tickets would be honoured for up to 2 years (and maybe longer), so you might need to plan another vacation to Bali. The Unlimited Pass is not transferable, and we cannot ‘freeze’ it for you.

Can I take pictures or videos inside the studio during classes?

To respect the sacredness of everyone’s practice, you are not allowed to take pictures or video inside the studio during a class. However selfies with the staff and teachers before or after the class is strongly encouraged.

Do you sell yoga wear at The Practice shop in case I have not packed my own?

Yes. We have The Practice merchandise available, plus a range of yoga tops and bottoms provided by different yoga brands.

Which classes are suitable for pregnancy?

We recommend Restorative Hatha, Beginners Hatha or Moon Hatha classes during pregnancy. Please make sure you let your teacher know that you’re pregnant before the class begins so they can help you with modifications during class. Also, you can also book in for private pre-natal yoga classes. That way, you can learn all the appropriate pregnancy modifications and feel empowered to practice safely wherever you are.

Is it ok to do YTT during pregnancy?

The answer to this question is a personal one and will depend, in large part, on how far into your pregnancy you are (and how you’re feeling) at the time of training. There will be some practices we explore during training that are contra-indicated for pregnancy. Keep in mind that the days are long and although we do not teach or practice is a way that is vigorous or athletic, energy levels and bodily comfort are factors to take into consideration. We can offer the support of a trained, experienced pre-and-post natal yoga teacher during this time if needed.

Are you guys hiring, I have been a yoga teacher/studying, please let me low if I can apply for a job?

Generally, we give priority to our 200h and 300h YTT graduates when teaching positions become available. We’d certainly love to see you on training. That said, at this stage we do not have any teaching positions available.

Do we have to sign up for classes or free event?

For regular classes and free events you do not need to sign up in advance. Please come 15 minutes before your class or event starts and register at the front desk.

Can I bring my kids to class?

For Beginners, Restorative, Moon and Sun classes, we welcome people 10 years and older.

Are you able to post The Practice merchandise to me?

Unfortunately the postal service in Indonesia is sometimes unreliable. For this reason, we do not offer online purchases or a postal service for products available in the shop.

Can I sell my product or service at The Practice shop?

Please send an email request directly to

Do you offer private yoga classes?

Yes, we offer private and small group classes. All private lessons are 75 mins long and can be booked with any one of our teachers. You can find more information, including our online booking form, at the following link.

Which classes are suitable for a beginner with no or little yoga experience?

We recommend our Beginners Hatha Yoga classes. They run at 10am on Mondays, 4pm Tuesdays and 10am Thursdays.

What is the difference between Restorative Hatha class and Yin Yoga Class?

The biggest difference is that Yin Yoga is based on an understanding of the body (including its energy systems) that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Hatha Yoga Tradition sees the body and its energy systems differently and our Restorative Hatha classes are created in a way that honors that. All the things you love about Yin Yoga are still there: the long holds, the support of props, plenty of place for space and silence and an opportunity to explore the principles of mindfulness through the medium of the body

Which classes are suitable if I have injuries?

This depends very much on the nature of the injury, how far you are into the recovery process and the advice you have from your doctor. Please speak directly to one of our teachers before you practice, if you are unsure.

Can I buy passes through online payment/transfer?

Yes, you can organize this by sending an email to

Can I buy a passes voucher as a gift for my friend?

Yes, you can organize this by sending an email directly to

Do you have a day care so I can leave my baby with you when I’m doing a class?

No. We do not have a day care service.

How advanced is the Fire Class?

Think of practice this way:

The first step is to calm and stabilize the mind. Without a stable mind it is difficult to achieve anything else in Yoga. Moon Class is designed to do this.

Once the mind is steady, we begin to work with energy, first by becoming sensitive to energy and then by directing it purposefully. This is what Sun Class does. If you think about the sun, you’ll notice that it’s light shines on everything (flowers as well as garbage). Energy is the same. It amplifies our great qualities. It also amplifies our reactive qualities. If we’re impatient we’ll become more impatient. This is why it is important to attend Moon class first.

Fire Class is the alchemy of the two. This is a kundalini-style practice, which works with subtle-energetic practices that are more advanced and is more spiritual in orientation. Although Fire Class is more advanced, this does not mean that the poses are more athletic. Often the poses become simpler as the practice advances because the subtle internal work we undertake becomes more potent.

What is TPO?

The Practice Online (TPO) is our online platform. We recognize that many of you come to Bali and practice with us for a short time before returning to your home country. If you’d like to stay connected to our teachers and our teachings you can sign up to The Practice Online.

We upload classes and meditations from all of our teachers each month. We also record and upload our free Tuesday night presentations and other goodies for you to access. Membership is free for the first 14 days (you can cancel anytime). After that, it’s just $10 USD a month (less than the price of a drop-in class).

If you have any questions about Yoga Teacher Training, please click here.