Our Team

By the grace of my teachers, my mission is simple: to share Yoga with the world in the way that it was intended – as a spiritual science designed to awaken us to our highest potential. Everything I teach is lineage-based, handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years in an unbroken chain of personal transmission.

Since I began teaching in 2006, my only wish has been to be serve humanity by sharing this great science and simultaneously honor my teachers and the long line of dedicated Yogis that came before them.

I began practicing the science of Kriya Yoga at age 19 and was initiated by Swami Shankarananda at 27 in Northern India. I pilgrimaged for a decade across India, deepening my understanding and practice; things that can’t be learned from books or month-long trainings. I have accumulated dozens of certificates over the last two decades but honestly, they mean nothing. As my Guruji says, ‘Only direct experience matters and how committed we are to daily practice, no matter what the circumstances, or how many excuses the mind makes’.

Over the last thirteen years I have dedicated myself to two Master teachers of Tantric Hatha Yoga. I lived with my first teacher, David Goulet, beloved disciple of Dr. Swami Gitananda for 7 years in Thailand. He taught me how to walk this path again. To him I am eternally grateful.

I now study under the masterful guidance of my Guruji, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of Parayoga and beloved disciple of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, current spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute. Through Yogarupa’s grace, I received formal initiation into the lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra, the knowledge-stream of the Himalayan Masters, a system holding Fire, Mantra and Yantra at its core.

I continue to teach and practice Asana, Pranayama and Kriya Meditation as preparation for these higher practices, just as the ancient sages suggest. With my efforts, I hope to help students find more purpose, joy and freedom in their daily lives and ultimately access that infinite field of consciousness and power that lies beyond the body and the things of this world.

I believe that when practiced correctly and with the right guidance and attitude, the potential for Yoga to deeply transform all aspects of our lives is limitless.

My yoga journey started back in 1999, when I checked myself into a retreat, without having too much of an idea about what that even meant. I was subsequently introduced to the concept of paying a lot of money to someone, for them to turn around and start ‘torturing’ you. Over the years my practice and work has evolved into so much more. Back in 2012, I decided to dive in all the way and attend a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali. This really awakened a new side of me and raised my consciousness to a level I was unaware I was capable of. I reflect back on my life now and wonder how I survived (literally), being so unconscious for the past 40 plus years.

The next huge shift for me occurred when I was sitting at the feet of my guru, yoga brother and friend (yes that would be Octavio), and he showed me how to view the world in a whole new way “OFF THE MAT”. This was about cultivating an attitude, belief, mantra or whatever else you want to call it, and moving through the fear of trying some of the more advanced yoga postures (though for me they are all ‘advanced’, instead of retreating behind stories like: “I am too fat; I am too old; I am not flexible enough; and what will she think of me.”

So you may ask how a bloke, from a blue-collar background, working for most of my career as a chief engineer on super yachts, could end up opening a yoga studio in Bali. Easy! Well no, actually it was not so easy. But was it worth it? Hell yes! I am all in! As the yoga engineer of the business, it has been challenging and simultaneously it has been magnificently rewarding, living life on and off the mat. Well I am trying to at least, and having a bloody good time doing it. As my guru also says to me “Take your practice seriously, but not yourself”.

Feel free to talk to me sometime and I will share with you a bit more of the uncut version of the story. See you on the mat soon.

I come from Brazil and I always loved to move my body. I begin to practice Yoga committed in 2011 when I lived in New Zealand and because of my fitness/gym background was no surprise that I gravitated to the more physical/ gymnastics Yoga, which was fun for while. However at one point I become curious about what lies beyond the physical aspects Yoga, which according to tradition Yoga – is a Spiritual Practice. Right at that time I met the teacher that changed my life and my Yoga Practice.

For the first time I experience the glimpse of remembering my Soul. It was just for couple of seconds initially, but I felt it and from there I wanted to access more the deepest aspects of Yoga that goes beyond the muscles and bones, that’s when through Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra I started to understand my mind a little more, my little monkey mind.

One of the biggest gifts I received with the Traditional Hatha Yoga is to become more self-aware and observe the layers of consciousness and specially to learn more about the patterns of the sub-conscious mind. So that I can rest in Purusha – the observer, the Soul, the One and ultimately live a life that continuously I remain ‘the watcher’, which is that sweet aspect of our own existence that remains unchanged independently of the forever changing or challenges of life.

My goal as a Yoga Teacher is to share authentically how Hatha Yoga help me to live the every day life with a little richer understanding of the incredible journeys that we all go through.

I grew up in Malang, one of the biggest city in East Java and moved to Bali 16 years ago after graduating from Business School. I first discovered yoga 10 years ago while looking to find activity that gave me the physical benefits and stress relief from the daily grind of a corporate environment.

Since graduating from University, I immediately jumped into the Corporate world of Public Relations, Marketing and Events and Retail Management, until I finally meet my teacher, Octavio Salvado who introduce me to Traditional Hatha Yoga. I never looked back as I found my journey home…

I feel so connected with this vast and profound science for exploring consciousness and realising life’s ultimate aims. This Traditional Hatha Yoga provides one of humankind’s most effective systems for achieving enrichment and happiness in every aspect of life. These powerful lineage – based teachings and traditional practices transform my life immensely. I am very grateful that my journey has brought me into this path.

I feel extremely honoured and humbled to be part of this wonderful team and able to share this beautiful wisdom and tradition with the rest of the world.