Our Team


By the grace of my teachers, my mission is simple: to share Yoga with the world in the way that it was intended – as a spiritual science designed to awaken us to our highest potential.

Everything I teach is lineage-based, handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years in an unbroken chain of personal transmission. Since I began teaching in 2006, my only wish has been to be serve humanity by sharing this great science and simultaneously honor my teachers and the long line of dedicated Yogis that came before them.

I believe that when practiced correctly and with the right guidance and attitude, the reach of Yoga and its capacity to transform lives is truly limitless.


My yoga journey started back in 1999, when I checked myself into a retreat, without having too much of an idea about what that even meant. I was subsequently introduced to the concept of paying a lot of money to someone, for them to turn around and start ‘torturing’ you. Over the years my practice and work has evolved into so much more. Back in 2012, I decided to dive in all the way and attend a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali. This really awakened a new side of me and raised my consciousness to a level I was unaware I was capable of. I reflect back on my life now and wonder how I survived (literally), being so unconscious for the past 40 plus years.

The next huge shift for me occurred when I was sitting at the feet of my guru, yoga brother and friend (yes that would be Octavio), and he showed me how to view the world in a whole new way “OFF THE MAT”. This was about cultivating an attitude, belief, mantra or whatever else you want to call it, and moving through the fear of trying some of the more advanced yoga postures (though for me they are all ‘advanced’, instead of retreating behind stories like: “I am too fat; I am too old; I am not flexible enough; and what will she think of me.”

So you may ask how a bloke, from a blue-collar background, working for most of my career as a chief engineer on super yachts, could end up opening a yoga studio in Bali. Easy! Well no, actually it was not so easy. But was it worth it? Hell yes! I am all in! As the yoga engineer of the business, it has been challenging and simultaneously it has been magnificently rewarding, living life on and off the mat. Well I am trying to at least, and having a bloody good time doing it. As my guru also says to me “Take your practice seriously, but not yourself”.

Feel free to talk to me sometime and I will share with you a bit more of the uncut version of the story. See you on the mat soon.


When it comes to me and ‘coaching’ this is what I truly love…

I love the idea of ‘evolution’ and I love the idea of POSSIBILITY. I love it when someone redefines what they feel – at a deep level – is actually possible for them. Because the truth I have found with most people I have worked with, is they have created a series of impossibilities, not because of anything real, but because of the quality of their beliefs, stories and the words they use. When they change their beliefs, stories, language and lens of perception, their number of possibilities increases ten-fold.

I love to witness when people see new possibilities.

The other thing I love is to help someone see beyond the forest of “I don’t know what I want to do with my life”, or “I don’t know my purpose”, or “I have no f#cking clue what to do next”. I enjoy working with them to clear away the mental debris and blocks to unveil a number of likely pathways, that are just right for them. And then as a strategist, I like to get super practical with them to work out EXACTLY what they can do next.

I consider myself an expert life strategist. I spent 14 years as an officer in the Australian Army, followed by 5 years consulting to Olympic Games and mega events as a bomb management expert. Then I moved to Bali in 2007 and completely transitioned into a coach, author (three books and counting), speaker, and business owner. I have been a personal trainer, and studied as a NLP master practitioner and reiki practitioner. I am also a proud co-owner at The Practice.

I remain fascinated with change, transformation and helping with the evolution of myself, others and the collective whole. If you would like to live life to your full potential, then please schedule a session and lets get started on Project You!


One of the things I love most about yoga is that it is a veritable feast of technologies for exploring consciousness. No matter where you are on the path it has something to offer you. As my understanding of the practice has matured, the horizons of what I understand yoga to be have expanded also. It doesn’t matter how deep you dig, there is always more.

My movement background extends over 20 years, with 14 years training as a classical dancer before I began practicing yoga. Then, at university, among other things, I studied psychology and philosophy and while I loved philosophy I always wished the ideas we explored would offer answers to life’s big questions in a way that was a little less abstract and had a little more soul. Yoga does that. And I love that it also directs you to experience the answers through conscious breath and movement.

Before teaching yoga I lectured in international security studies (a branch of international relations) at university. I did my first yoga teacher training program out of sheer curiosity and spent several years teaching part-time before I felt compelled to take the leap and leave university behind for good. Since then I have worked between Australia and Bali, most recently for a yoga teacher training school. I also volunteer for the Yoga Foundation in Australia, whose mission it is to bring yoga to people with depression and anxiety who experience hardship.


I come from Brazil and I always loved to move my body. I begin to practice Yoga committed in 2011 when I lived in New Zealand and because of my fitness/gym background was no surprise that I gravitated to the more physical/ gymnastics Yoga, which was fun for while. However at one point I become curious about what lies beyond the physical aspects Yoga, which according to tradition Yoga – is a Spiritual Practice. Right at that time I met the teacher that changed my life and my Yoga Practice.

For the first time I experience the glimpse of remembering my Soul. It was just for couple of seconds initially, but I felt it and from there I wanted to access more the deepest aspects of Yoga that goes beyond the muscles and bones, that’s when through Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra I started to understand my mind a little more, my little monkey mind.

One of the biggest gifts I received with the Traditional Hatha Yoga is to become more self-aware and observe the layers of consciousness and specially to learn more about the patterns of the sub-conscious mind. So that I can rest in Purusha – the observer, the Soul, the One and ultimately live a life that continuously I remain ‘the watcher’, which is that sweet aspect of our own existence that remains unchanged independently of the forever changing or challenges of life.

My goal as a Yoga Teacher is to share authentically how Hatha Yoga help me to live the every day life with a little richer understanding of the incredible journeys that we all go through.



Half-Japanese, half Belgian, born in the UK, raised in The Netherlands, a Third Culture Kid or a Ha-fu as they say in Japan, I spent most of my life trying to fit in and belong. My biggest discovery was that belonging and happiness come as a result of knowing and accepting who you are – and that in fact, we have our greatest impact and are happiest when we show up as ourselves.

And so my coaching journey started many years ago. Initially to understand and heal myself, later on much more to serve others. My personal path has been one of learning to deal with depression and high sensitivity, lack of confidence, fear of failure, cultivating courage and ultimately self-acceptance. I’ve matched personal experience with formal coaching training at “Het Europees Instituut” (The Netherlands) in 2013, and later on with Carl Massy in 2015.

Driven by the desire to make a contribution to the world, I worked in international development for close to a decade. This desire ultimately led me to take the plunge and follow my passion – to work as a coach and help people rise to the occasions of their lives and have their greatest impact on the world.


As far as I can remember, I have always been an explorer, a curious soul, walking many different paths, tasting life in many different ways. I was therefore also naturally inclined to explore inner territories, to connect to that place of silence and peace within myself that lies beyond the transformations, the pains and the joys of life.

My purpose in sharing yoga is to help people to get in touch with that part of themselves which is beyond the waves of change, to connect to their true authentic self and hear the calling of their soul.

From that place, connected to who we really are, I believe that we can then live life more fully, serve and share our unique gifts with t he world. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others is the gift of our presence, and in that way feel the pure joy of being alive.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been fueled by my passions. I’ve had an inner drive to workhard to pursue the things that set my soul on fire. This is how I began a career as a professional dancer in Los Angeles. I studied Dance and Communications at University and went on toequally struggle and succeed for a decade in the Commercial Dance Industry. This level of body awareness lead me to the fitness world, where I became a trainer for various group fitness classes. I realized that teaching people the importance of taking care of themselves brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I can see them changing physically, and realizing that they deserved to feel good about themselves. I was curious to learn more about building people up not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

This is where Yoga so gracefully enters the picture. While I had been practicing asana for many years, the classes I was exposed to gave me little insight on the deeper teachings of the tradition, specifically the world of meditation. And I knew this was the missing link to my work out, the ability to work in. The Practice was the line that connected all the dots I had been creating my entire life. A truly auspicious place that gives you the tools to deepen your connection with yourself. To find inner balance through a complete practice set within a logical system that has been used for thousands of years and gives us a clear road map back to our source. I am so grateful for the ability of my voice to communicate these great teachings to my students and guide them to living more courageous and happier lives, on and off the mat.

My intention in everything I do is to spread my positive energy and motivate others to also make the necessary changes within themselves in order to shine and flourish, so that together we can light up the entire world.



I have always been inspired by creative expression, I have been a singer all my life, using my voice as a way to connect and communicate continues to be a great passion of mine. Yoga, for me, is the ultimate form of creative expression, and what we are expressing and unlocking is our unlimited potential as human beings.

When I found yoga in 2011 (or maybe it found me) I was at a cross roads in my life.. something needed to change. Going in circles, plagued by indecision, unhealthy relationships, burdened by insecurities, just to name a few. I realised that these patterns and habits weren’t going to change until I made an active effort to transform my life. I found solace on my mat, which allowed me to begin the long journey of self-discovery and healing. Yoga became my therapy and my best friend.

My exposure to this ancient tradition has dramatically shaped and changed the way that I perceive myself and the way that I interact with others. I feel that it is my duty to share what I have learned, to continue to grow as a teacher, to support my students in anyway possible and to be a guiding light for people on their own path to self discovery.