Bali’s spiritual hub for dedicated seekers

The Practice was born of the fusion of intensity and devotion, fire and light, as if manifested straight from the combined Bali-centric forces of volcanic ash and temple gongs.

Octavio and Emma Salvado, plus the entire Practice team envision a brighter future sourced in committed practice of the traditional spiritual sciences; the ways of the ancient past brought to life with the two-fold intention of honoring the sages of old and serving the community of today.

Set slightly back from the bustling streets of Canggu, The Practice is an island of calm amidst an ocean of activity, as if stepping 1000 years back in time to a place where traditional teachings remain undistorted and are offered in a sacred environment to all dedicated seekers.

Keeping tradition alive pulses at the heart of everything we do here.

The Purpose of The Practice: Evolution

The Practice exists to be unflinching and uncompromising leaders in the modern world of Yoga and Meditation. You can count on us to relentlessly and passionately evolve ourselves and our unique capacities through wholehearted dedication to practice and self-study so that we can be the source of authentic Yogic education and the catalyst for transformation in our students, our community, the Yoga world and humanity.

Honoring the age-old axiom that ‘the Tantric path is for everyone’, The Practice is Bali’s spiritual hub for all genuine Yogis regardless of surface divisions of age, gender, race, religion, interests, or social demographic. If you want real Yoga, you go to The Practice. Period. In a world that has watered down this ancient spiritual science to something so disconnected from its roots that it’s almost unrecognizable, The Practice refuses to innovate, only educate and communicate the unfiltered message of the masters.

From humble beginnings to Bali’s spiritual hub

Going from strength to strength since opening its doors in 2016, The Practice offers a precisely structured schedule for self-excellence, including classes ranging from Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Kirtan, Traditional Kundalini Mudras, Advanced Pranayama, plus ongoing workshops, presentations, trainings

The Practice now also offers a kick-ass online study platform aimed at educating our international community on what Tantra and Yoga truly is, what it isn’t and how we can use these sublime teachings to empower ourselves and enrich our lives.

In addition to ongoing daily and online classes, each year The Practice offers life changing, Traditional Hatha Yoga and Meditation intensives at the 200hr level and an advanced training for previous graduates at the 300hr level. These are more than just teacher trainings… they are complete life and practice recalibration moments and Master-mentorship opportunities.

PRACTICE, EVOLVE AND SERVE. That is our motto here at The Practice. Whether it’s here with us on the island of the Gods, or across the seas in your own hometowns, join the Evolution and let’s honor this sacred tradition, together.