Our Vision

We Are The Practice

“Serve the Sages. Light the lamp of their love in human hearts. That is how you offer your life at the Mother’s holy feet.”
– Swami Rama

We are a borderline obsessive group of Yogis who place the importance of self-practice at the centre of our universe. Academia alone cannot light the lamp buried deep within the alter of the human heart. Only dedicated, passionate, systematic and soulful daily self-practice can do that, so keep your books and your theories. We are THE PRACTICE and that is what we stand for.

We are not innovators, or new yoga-style makers. Nothing we do is original. Our goal is to present the undiluted teachings of the sages, who, out of supreme love for humanity passed this knowledge down through the ages.

We belong to the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Our senior teachers have all taken formal Mantra initiation into the Sri Vidya path through the grace of Yogarupa Rod Stryker, senior disciple of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait Ph.D., current head of the Himalayan Institute and we live and breathe by its sublime worldview.

The entire Practice family honours this sacred path in the way we live our lives, always seeking the good in all people and everything and always desiring growth and expansion, even (and perhaps especially) when times are hard. We are a united front, ready to get gritty and raw when necessary and equally ready to celebrate the subtle and sweet little details of this extraordinary existence. Together we embrace it all, in the spirit of dharama, unflinchingly.

What we teach is Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga. This is the ONLY thing we teach and that is the ONLY thing we practice. We are a single pointed collective; a razor sharp arrow, aimed at the heart of God. Our bow is Meditation infused with Mantra, waxed with Mudra, Bandha, Asana, Breath and Kriya.

No neon lights, no DJ’s, no playlists, no flip-dogs, no frills, no gimmicks, no mindless vinyasa. Just straight up Hatha Yoga; the old-fashioned science of Soul remembrance.

If uncompromising commitment to self-practice and self-accountability is your thing, if consciously creating community is your thing, if caring for the planet and all of its beings is your thing, then consider yourself one of the family, wherever you are.