The teachings offered at The Practice have been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken thread over thousands of years.

We offer 100% lineage-based teachings based on the time-honored Yogic custom of Parampara, meaning ‘from one to another’. We offer these teachings in the spirit of service – to both serve the global community and assist it in finding greater peace, steadiness and joy in life, and as a way to serve the Sages. May our whole-hearted efforts keep the light of their sublime wisdom burning bright.


The subtle, yet potent and transformative system of ‘MOON SUN FIRE’ we devotedly teach and personally practice reflects the internal (Samaya) path of Traditional Hatha Yoga, offering dedicated students a genuine means to experience direct realization of higher truths and achieve personal, professional and spiritual excellence.

These extraordinary teachings stem from the ancient lineage of the Himalayan Masters and Traditional Hatha Yogis who have kept the flames of true Sadhana burning since time immemorial.

May the sublime worldview of Sri Vidya, the personal empowerment practices of MOON SUN FIRE and the message of the Himalayan masters live on through us as we open ourselves to the teachings that brighten the light of self-knowledge.