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  • Reclaiming Confidence 

    Rp 567.000
    14th October 1-6pm Making the courageous journey to the authentic self.
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    Lunar Namaskar (Early Bird)

    Rp 825.000
    SUN 1st OCT 6pm-8.30pm "Once the moon has been made steady, the sun can be made to rise." Gheranda Samhita
  • Tantra Invoking Fire and Light

    Rp 1.445.000
    Sunday 1st October 8am-5pm Tantra Yoga is an ancient, vast field of knowledge and science. It’s possibly more relevant now than ever in our modern times. The wisdom of Tantra covers all facets of life and ultimately teaches us how to become free from...
  • 30 Day Challenge Group Coaching

    Rp 3.090.000
    Free Briefing and access to an insightful Life Audit: 4 January 2018 at 7pm Day 1 of the 30-Day Challenge: 8 January 2018 Dates for group coaching sessions: 4 Jan (free) /11 Jan /18 Jan /25 Jan /1 Feb /8 Feb (7pm)
  • Life Masterclass December (Early Bird)

    Rp 4.330.000
    15 - 17 December 2017. How to Get to Your Next Level of Success & Abundance. Discover how to become the best version of yourself: happy, abundant, successful, fulfilled, joyful, healthy and vibrant. Experience a ‘shift’ and step above your limitatio...
  • 5-Days of Traditional Hatha Yoga November (Early Bird)

    Rp 5.665.000
    27th Nov - 1st Dec 2017 Moon. Sun. Fire The Science of Awakening with Octavio Salvado
  • The Guidebook To Happiness

    Would you like to discover the SPECIFIC DO’s and DON'Ts when it comes to experiencing real happiness in your life? Have you ever taken a trip to a completely new destination? A place you heard was great, but you were yet to experience. Do you think h...
  • The Guidebook To Optimum Health: Why Exercise and Nutrition Alone Are Not Enough

    The possibility: high levels of energy, high resilience to stress, vitality all day, freedom from illness and disease, bouncing back quickly from illness, body free from soreness, bloating, gas, aches and pain. Are you interested? Firstly I want to say...