Yoga Workshop


Ancient System, Modern World with Keli Dierings

Sat 28th april 10am – 2pm

Hatha Yoga for Beginners.

This is an entry-level workshop designed to help you lay the foundations for a life-long practice of Hatha Yoga. Learn about the three main limbs of the Hatha Yoga practice:

Asana: Why do we do poses? Learn key alignment principles and how postural practice fits into the ‘bigger picture’ of yoga.

Pranayama: Learn simple breathing techniques that you can do at home and why conscious breathing is important.

Meditation: Learn simple strategies that will help you slow the mind. Explore what it means to be present and start this incredible inward journey that will truly change your life.

Curious about yoga and ready to start on this transformative path? Come and join Keli for this four-hour beginners workshop; an opportunity to learn the tools to help you establish a practice that will take you beyond physical exercise. Evolve your mind, body and soul through the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga.

Rp 500,000



God is In Your Spine with Octavio Salvado

SAT 7th & SUN 8th July 2018

Two Day Tantric Hatha Yoga Workshop

Inside the spine of every human being there is an infinite power connected to the Sacred Source of Life itself.
Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga is the Science of mastering Mind and Energy, enlivening this Sacred Power and infusing it into all that we are and everything we do.

Embrace the Knowledge. Practice the Technology. Evolve your Life. This is the ancient Science of Thriving. TAT TVAM ASI.

7am – 9.30 am
PRACTICE: The Moon and The Spine

9.30am – 11am

11am – 2pm

2pm – 3.30pm

3.30pm – 4.30pm

4.30pm – 7pm
PRACTICE: Kundalini Kriya Yoga – The culmination of practice

Rp 1,800,000