Yoga Workshop


The Science of Chakra Yoga with David Goulet

2-4 June | Friday 6-9pm | Sat & Sun 8am-5pm

This workshop is to present a bridge between the Chakra system of Yoga and the recent discoveries in Quantum physics.

The sages of ancient times in deep states of meditation noticed that as energy travels through time it forms geometric patterns according to the frequency of its vibration. These observations led to the creation of Yantra Yoga: a system of chakra analysis providing a ‘Dharmic calendar’ which (is) based on precise mathematical equations, (and) calculates the dominant forces (chakras) we have access to at any given point in time.

Knowing how these energies flow through us throughout our life allows us to ‘plug in’ to the unified harmonic grid, or cosmic intelligence that supports and guides the unfolding of nature, the universe and our own destiny as spiritual beings.

This workshop gives students an understanding of the science behind the energy world of the chakras, while providing the tools to work with those energies at all levels of our life and being.

Rp 3,000,000 or Rp 2,500,000 Early Bird up to 2 days prior



Consciousness Illuminated – Awakening The Lunar Force

Stockholm June 7 & 8 | Milan JUNE 24 & 25

Thousands of years ago an encoded spiritual science was created – a step by step system to awaken humanity to its own sacred nature. This is hatha yoga: the science of awakening.

The foundation of this process is the awakening and stabilization of the lunar force – using practice to guide awareness inwards to touch that pure space of stillness beyond the mind – a return to our own essential nature, timeless and indestructable, known to the ancients as purusha – the mighty one, mightier than all changes.


2 X Complete Practices (2.5hr Each)

Asana/Pranayama/Meditation based on traditional methodology for the cultivation of unsurpassed calm, stability and higher awareness.

2 X Lectures (2hrs Each or 4hr Block)

Part 1: Complete overview of the science and progression of Hatha Yoga.
Discussion will include information on the step by step progression of Hatha Yoga as it moves towards the experience of activating the Kundalini power within the body, plus the relationship between Hatha Yoga and Samkhya philosophy and how the Gunas, the Doshas, the Chakras, the Prana Vayus and the Nervous System are all effected differently depending upon the poses we practice and the way we practice them. Essential knowledge for all dedicated Yogis looking to evolve their practices.

Part 2: The Road to Samadhi (Lecture and Meditation)
Of all of the Limbs of Yoga, Meditation has the greatest power to impact our future and our destiny. This lecture will look at the 3 fundamental stages of Meditation and how to practice them in the most meaningful way. With the right knowledge and attitude, the ancients tell us that the road to Samadhi is much shorter than what we may think.

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Yoga Fundamentals with Jyoti Murray

Sat 10th june 8.30am – 5pm

Walking into a yoga studio for the first time can be daunting. It feels unfamiliar and it seems that everyone is experienced. The first step through the door is the hardest. Our mission at The Practice is to provide you with a safe and welcoming space to learn about Yoga in a way that is accessible and also faithful to Tradition.

Join us for this one-day workshop, examining all aspects of the Hatha Yoga practice including:
• Workshop common poses
• Learn simple breathing techniques
• Explore common blocks to meditation and techniques for overcoming them
• Discover Yoga as a living philosophy for a happy and fulfilled life

Rp 790,000 or Rp 700,000 Early Bird up to 2 days prior