Women’s Circle & Sacred Cacao Ceremony


THURSDAY 26th JANUARY 2023 (5pm-7pm)

at Boheme + Body Yoga Studio, Gold Coast

$50 AUD (including Cacao) Or $40 AUD (Boheme Golden Membership Price)


A circle with a sacred center is one of the oldest forms of social interaction.

It’s how communities gathered to commune and pass on wisdom, stories and guidance.

Women’s Circles are part of who we are, we know them, we feel them we need them.

When we step back into circle with other Women we remember those who have come before.

 We honor ourselves and our ancestors when we gather together for collective healing and awakening.

Join Emma for this special Women’s Circle and Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

This circle is an opportunity to take some time away from the demands of everyday life, to sit in a space carefully created for Women.

To reconnect, share, listen, go inwards and remember.

A circle of refuge for the spirit of the feminine.