Yoga Sutra and Meditation Master Training


5 Day Training with Octavio Salvado in Canggu, Bali

15 -19 November 2021

If you are not in Bali, book Online 27 August – 5 October 2021

Yoga IS Meditation. Without Meditation, its not possible to receive the full gift of Practice, nor understand the brilliance and luminosity of our own mind. This is the timeless gift of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra – considered Yoga Shastra – the final authority on Yoga.

In this 6 week advanced training, we will not only break down the hidden teachings within the Yoga Sutra, including the extraordinary Meditation techniques encrypted within its pages, but also put in place a powerful, time-tested strategy for your own evolutionary daily Meditation practice.

Meditation is the only way to experience a truly fulfilling life, because it is ONLY through Meditation that we touch that part of our being that is already truly fulfilled. Patanjali gave us the perfect map. Now is the time for humanity to use it.

Course Content:

  • The Science of Samadhi
  • Demystifying Enlightenment
  • Raja Yoga – the ultimate Meditation technique  
  • Kriya Yoga – Austerity, Self-study and trustful surrender to the Divine 
  • Madhu Vidya – the Science of ‘Honey’
  • Developing a powerful, personal daily Meditation Practice
  • Using Asana to support your Meditation Practice
  • Using Pranayama to support your Meditation Practice
  • Using Mantra Japa to support your Meditation Practice
  • Patanjali – the Man and the Myth
  • Teachings on Karma
  • Teachings on the Mind and the power of Memory
  • Teachings on the value of discipline
  • The true essence of Ashtanga Yoga

Course contains:

  • 33 pre-recorded video lectures
  • 9 practices
  • 108 page course manual
  • 6 LIVE weekly 2hr Q&A Zoom Sessions
  • Private MeWe group to stay connected throughout the course 

Course Layout:

  • The training will unfold progressively over 6 weeks.
  • Each week (on a Friday) you will receive 3-4 hours of pre-recorded lectures based on the teachings within the Yoga Sutra PLUS a Master


  • Monday 2nd: 1230pm – 330pm
  • Tuesday 3rd: 8am – 1130am and 1pm – 330pm
  • Wednesday 4th: 8am – 1130am and 1pm – 330pm
  • Thursday 5th: 8am – 1130am and 1pm – 330pm
  • Friday 6th: 8am – 12pm 


Rp 5,500,000