• If paying online, bank transfer, or credit card then student is responsible for all transfer fees and charges.
  • If paying by Cash at The Practice Reception you MUST pay in IDR, the final fee will be converted to USD using our banking provider currency exchange rates on the day.
  • If paying by TransferWise OR Paypal , there are sometimes hidden charges ,of which we have no control, the student is responsible for all fees hidden or stated incurred during this process.
  • Please note that no refunds will be given after the course begins.
  • All Course Fees are to be paid, IN FULL, 30-days before the start date of the Yoga Teacher Training Bali Course.
  • If you are approved 30 days or less from the start date of the Yoga Teacher Training, you must pay the entire course fee IN FULL within 48 hours of receiving the payment request.
  • Early Bird Discount will apply if we receive the full amount owing by midnight of cut-off date. To qualify for the Early Bird Discount, you must pay the FULL amount before, or on the cut-off date. Starting a conversation prior to the cut-off date for the Early Bird Discount does not necessarily qualify you for the Early Bird Discount.
  • Please note: You will be charged the price for the future YTT Course that you have transferred to (which may have increased in price due to inflation or modification in the course structure). Within 60 days before the start date no ‘date transfers’ will be accepted
  • In genuine cases of personal hardship, please email our staff as soon as possible at training@thepracticebali.com.
  • The Practice will not reserve a place on any Yoga Teacher Training Course, without first receiving the non-refundable deposit.
  • Deposits for Normal trainings cannot be transferred to any Online Trainings.
  • All transfer requests must be received prior to 60 days BEFORE start date of training for consideration, otherwise it is not possible to transfer to another YTT.
  • Any early bird discounts applied to original YTT training, will be subject the applicable early bird cut-off date.
  • Any changes in price that may be applicable to the next course, the balance owing will be payable by student.
  • If the requested training that you apply for is not available, you must make new arrangements to attend available training.
  • All transfer request is accepted 1 time only to another available YTT training course within a 12-month period.
  • Initial request must be sent to training@thepracticebali.com.
  • • If a student withdraws from the course, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • If a student withdraws from the course before 60 Days of course start date, he/she will receive a refund of the monies paid less deposit and any fees incurred by The Practice.
  • If a student withdraws from the course between 60 and 30 days before the course start date, he/she will receive 50% of the training balance.
  • If a student withdraws from the course 30 days or less, or after the course begins, he/she will receive no refund.
  • Management will determine the amount of refund (if any) based on criteria above being applied.
  • The Practice reserves the right to cancel any event (yoga retreats/yoga teacher training) if necessary. In the unlikely extreme circumstance that The Practice had to cancel any Yoga Teacher Training Bali Course, The Practice will refund the full amount of the Yoga Teacher Training Bali Course only, not costs associated with flights, transfers or transfer flights, or any other costs may have incurred.
  • It is very strongly recommended that students purchase Travel Insurance to cover any situation that may arise, such as illness, change of ticket dates, family emergency, etc. Students in the past have needed to use their travel insurance, so it is a VERY WISE.

NOTE: In the instance that refunds are requested, The Practice requests that you MUST contact your Travel Insurance Company in the first instance, to claim any monies that would be available. We will then pay any remaining refund amount in accordance with our policy above.

Email: accounts@thepracticebali.com for any questions relating to payments.