The Practice

Practice is like gravity. Not only does it draw us closer to our center, it arranges life magnetically so the exact experiences we need in order to fulfil our purpose – our Dharma – are drawn towards us.

The Practice Bali is a place to explore just this; to engage in techniques that build the kind of dedication, courage, focus, humility and devotion we each need to live our Dharma fearlessly. This is why traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga has always existed; to show us the answer to the age-old question:

Why am I here?

Born from our passion for traditional lineage-based practices and an understanding of the importance of having a community of support when living a purpose-driven life, our center is for you – passionate and dedicated yogis, ready to do the work.

Nestled in the beach-side town of Canggu, Bali in our beautiful open air studio, explore the science and art of traditional practice under the guidance of experienced teachers whose dedication to the practice is palpable. We offer daily asana and meditation classes, master classes, workshops, free weekly presentations, community events and teacher training programs for both new and experienced practitioners. If you’re unable to practice with us in person join us at our virtual studio, The Practice Online, where we’ve adapted our offerings to make them accessible to you wherever you are in the world.

Our PRACTICE is our PRAYER. Come and share yours…..

For the love of the Practice. And if you cannot join us in person, you can join the teachers, teachings and community at The Practice (and more) through THE PRACTICE ONLINE. We think you will love it. Click here to get your 30-Days Free access.