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Yoga with Octavio

Worldwide Lecture

A complimentary discussion to the Subtle Awakenings Practice and Worldview Meditation.

In order for the effects of our practice to last and endure, the Tantric masters encourage us to align our own worldview to the vision of reality held by the ancient seers who birthed these practices into being. This alignment of ‘mindset’ acts as the binding force that gives our practice longevity as we move off the mat and into daily life. One of the greatest Tantric visionaries of all time is Adi Shankara. This lecture will touch on a few of his key realizations from a non-dual vision of reality.

Duration: 10 minutes

Worldwide Meditation

Subtle inner work including 3rd Eye Kriya to compliment the Subtle Awakenings practice. This seated practice is designed to move the mind into a meditative rhythm so that we can grasp more fully and experience the truth behind the visions of reality seen by the Tantric masters.

Duration: 18 minutes

Subtle Awakenings Practice

A slow, simple and subtle practice that speaks to the idea of ‘Practice as worship’. Aimed at both calming the mind and awakening the sensitivity and quiet joy within the heart, this practice is the set up for the worldview contemplation meditation or just a standalone practice anytime you desire to connect to the source of your sacred self.

Duration: 46 minutes

Coaching with Carl

Special Presentation: How to Write and Publish a Book

In this presentation I (Carl Massy) explain exactly how I wrote and published 3 books. From start to finish. I also talk about how to make money from your book. If you are thinking about writing a book, or somewhere in the process, this is a great ‘how to’ session.

• How to get started
• How to structure your book
• How to stay on the path
• How to get it edited
• How to get published and ready for sale
• Self-published Vs Publishing company
• What comes after you get published
• How to make money from your book

Download the PDF slides that support the presentation here

Duration: 84 minutes

Listen To This Before You Start a Business Partnership.

This is not relevant for everyone, but for those of you that are considering entering into a business partnership it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL listening. Save yourself a lot of emotional pain, lost money, destroyed relationships, and lost confidence.

Duration: 7 minutes

How ‘Obstacles’ Will Change Your Life (for The Better)

A lot of times when I am coaching clients I am making subtle adjustments to the way they speak, they way they think, and the way they tell their life story (which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy). In this short presentation I show you how changing the wording and meaning can make the impossible possible.

Duration: 4 minutes

How to Make More $$$$ Authentically in a Modern World

It is very rare that I work with a coaching client who would not like to make more money. Even the client who was worth about $250 Million. I also find a lot of clients have an atrocious relationship with money. So this presentation is all about money and how to create more of it. Interested?

Duration: 18 minutes

Guided Meditation: How to Merge The Spiritual with The Physical (in Particular MONEY)

This is an Nuero Linguistics Programming (NLP) technique called ‘parts integration’. It is extremely useful where you have an internal clash between two apparently opposing objectives. It is like ‘on the one hand I want this, but on the other hand I want that’. This brings those two opposing parts together in harmony.

Duration: 12 minutes

True Talk with Naomi Saelens

Interview with Carl Massy

Duration: 26 minutes

Interview with Octavio Salvado

Duration: 26 minutes


Kirtan with Octavio Salvado, The Practice Band & Kate Fleming

We were asked by some of our great members if we could record a Tuesday night kirtan session held at The Practice. So we decided to give it a go, using an iPad as the recording device. We think we got a pretty good result. Please enjoy and let us know on the Facebook Group page what you think.

Duration: 100 minutes

Presentations at The Practice

Check out the recordings of all of the presentations that have been delivered at The Practice since we opened on 1 February 2016. Click here

This is one of the most recent Presentations at The Practice:

Awaken Your Erotic Intelligence with Celine Levy

Faces of the Divine Feminine by Karina Guthrie

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