The Practice Gives Back

Tantra’s aims are two-fold: spiritual and worldly. Tantra teaches that not only are we human, we are also divine, and our highest purpose is served when we weave these threads together. Here at The Practice we strive to live these teachings every day. One of the ways we do this is through The Practice Gives Back.

The Practice Gives Back is our way of contributing to our Bali community by supporting organizations we believe in. It’s also our way of saying ‘thank you’ to an island, and its people, who have welcomed us with warmth and support as The Practice continues to grow. The Practice Gives Back operates under three pillars:

Care for the Earth. Care for People. Care for Animals

Each month, we donate to three organizations that support one of these pillars. Our donations come from the income we receive from our online platform, The Practice Online. If you’re a member of The Practice Online, this is what your subscription contributes to:


The Practice Gives Back supports MPH: an organisation that educates local communities about the importance of sustainable waste management practices and empowers them to implement ‘green’ waste and recycling processes.

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The Practice Gives Back supports The Bali Street Mum’s Project: an organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for families (including kids who beg or collect rubbish in Denpasar) by teaching mothers to create alternative incomes and supporting children through educational opportunities and additional nutritional support.

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The Practice Gives Back supports Doggess: an organisation that cares for street dogs in Southern Bali, providing vaccination and sterilisation services and regular feeding and supporting several other animal welfare organization throughout Bali.

In addition to regular monthly support we also hold events and donation drives throughout the year to raise awareness for these important causes, and to ensure that these organisations can continue to do what they do best.

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