“While I am writing this email I am back in Switzerland. This morning on the breakfast table we where talking about our holiday in Bali; everybody from our family said, why this holiday was so super nice and special. For me it was the yoga at the practice.
First we planed on staying only 5 days in Canggu and going then to Ubud for an other 1.5 weeks. But after only a few days we all wanted to go back to Canggu. I wanted to go back to Canggu because of the super Yoga at the practice.  I had the opportunity to follow every day one of Octavios or Wanda’s class. I saw the other teachers because they where taking sometimes also classes and it is a pitty, I couldn’t take a class from them. I learned sooo much from you Octavio and you Wanda. Got inspired very very much. So a special thank goes to you two.  What I also loved very very much was the singing from you Wanda and the playing of the harmonium of you both.
Also the music you played was extremely nice and cool. I specially loved the music from Octavio which he was playing Sunday morning for the fire lesson.  The fire practice was one of my favorite. But actually the lesson about the 5 most important Asana was also one of my favorite, and the roll and release was a favorite, and the yin yoga was a favorite too…. Only favorite lessons….
It is a pity I couldn’t be there for the Chakra lesson; I am sooooo curious about that teaching and the letting go of judgment…I really hope I can soon take some online membership and only yoga classes from the practice. I will heat up our house and pretend I am in Canggu…
Everything at this yoga school is just amazing! The staff, the beautiful surroundings, the building it self  but the best is the Yoga and the teachers!!! This yoga school is now even my favorite yoga school; not only in Canggu, also in Bali and actually in the whole world! Thank you thank you sooooooo much! Thank you. Thank you. “

Rea, Switzerland



“I discovered your stunning shala when I was in Bali recently and became a Practice devotee as soon as I ascended the stairs and clapped eyes on that view.  Of my seven weeks in Canggu, my time at the Practice certainly holds a special place within.  Gush gush.

I love Michael’s incredible Thursday meditation classes. A profoundly gifted teacher and a truly transformative class, I have been searching for something that even goes a small way to matching the feeling I walked out with after 90 minutes in his class.  The way Michael combines philosophy, his own journey and a good dose of Aussie humour is something special and results in an enlightening, but incredibly accessible experience.”