The Guidebook To Happiness

The possibility: high levels of energy, high resilience to stress, vitality all day, freedom from illness and disease, bouncing back quickly from illness, body free from soreness, bloating, gas, aches and pain. Are you interested?

Firstly I want to say that exercise and good nutrition are essential for great health. But there are two problems with this: 1. exercise is relatively clear but what is ‘good nutrition’? and 2) these are only two of the 6 essential pillars to optimum health.

If you want to experience high levels of health and vitality in your life it is essential that you also understand the role of the brain and the biochemisty created by your emotions. Just focusing on the physical body and the physical things we do or put into our body is missing the bigger picture – and will not allow you to experience the highest levels of health possible. They will not enable you to tap into the healing genius of your body.

Finally you will discover the whole picture when it comes to attaining optimum health. You will finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. You will be able to tap into your full potential when it comes to your health.



  • The (complete) 6 Essential Pillars to Optimum Health
  • Why loneliness and smoking are equal risk factors for heart disease
  • How we impact the expression of genes in our bodies
  • The real cost of stress and how to turn it off
  • What specific steps we can take to optimize our health

Your health and happiness is too important to be left to chance.