The Guidebook To Authentic Success

Want a life that is joyful, fulfilling, meaningful, vibrant, and abundant? Want to attain the kind of success money can’t buy? Put up your hand if the answer is “yes,” then join success coach, corporate trainer, and author Carl Massy as he once again acts as guide—this time outlining the key ingredients and stratagems required to experience a lifetime of authentic success,

In this highly practical, informative, and entertaining book, you will learn how to move beyond seeing money as the sole measure of success, expand your personal and business horizons, master techniques to optimize decision-making, goal-setting and time management, and pick up all sorts of other productivity tidbits and tools.

Author of The Guidebook to Happiness and The Guidebook to Optimum Health, Carl Massy is a Coach and co-owner of the 5-star yoga centre in Bali The Practice. A former major in the Australian Army and an Olympic Games consultant, he is committed to helping people tap into their true potential in order to experience more health, vitality, happiness and success, in their lives.