Process Your Limiting Beliefs

Saturday 14 Dec 2019 9am – 1pm

A workshop to remove our most impactful subconscious limiting belief and replace it with an empowered belief and embodiment.

This is one of the most impactful elements of Carl Massy’s 3-day Life Masterclass, which he is now making available for a broader audience. Learn about:

The impact on your results as a result of your (subconscious) beliefs
• How to change limiting beliefs for their empowered opposite
• The gatekeeper to your subconscious programs
• How beliefs are formed

Experience a powerful NLP technique called The Rocking Chair Technique to blast through your most inhibitive limiting
belief, and replace it with a new subconscious programs
in your mind, but it is possible with the right technique
and guidance.

Change you beliefs and you change your life.

Rp 550.000