Life Masterclass (Early Bird)

Fri 3rd – sun 5th July 8am – 6pm MAKE 2020 A GAME CHANGER

This is your opportunity to step back from the noise, breathe deeply, look inwards and finally let go of what’s not serving you. Then replace those ‘lead weights’ with clarity, insight, peace, strategies and a new way of being.

Discover how to become the best version of yourself: happy, abundant, successful, fulfilled, joyful, healthy and vibrant. Experience a ‘shift’ and step above your limitations.

– Get (crystal) clear of your future direction.

– Process a core limiting belief to liberate energy and gain confidence.

– Make better choices by understanding and shifting unconscious habits.

– Turn up the volume on Self Love.- Learn the best ways to process your emotions to access more energy.

– Turn purpose & passion into a lifestyle.- Hang out with fun and inspiring people.

Carl Massy is a Coach, author, speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, fitness trainer, reiki master, and hypnotherapist who has been working on transforming people and their business for over 12 years. He was also a Major in the Australian Army and a consultant to multiple Olympic Games. He is the author of 4 books, a former co-owner at The Practice, and is passionate about creating lasting change from the inside out.

Rp 3.800.000