Transformative Power of Mantra Yoga (Early Bird)

Sat 23rd Feb 9am – 1pm

For centuries we as humans have been devotionally singing, chanting and using prayer as a way to connect to something beyond the mind, beyond the physical, to remember our truest self, that which is uniquely calm and stable even under duress.

Mantra can be found in many different religions and schools, primarily used as a way to connect to the divine source within. Mantras serve a central role in Tantra, seen as a sacred formula and a deeply personal ritual.

This half day workshop will include:

  • A 90min asana practice including mantra
  • Sanskrit mantra booklet with definition in English to take home
  • Discussing the reasons why we chant and the history of Mantra, where it began
  • Touching on the Gods and Goddesses we are chanting too and their meaning
  • How to incorporate mantra into your daily practice

Rp 400.000