Flourish. Nature’s teachings on Living in Alignment

Sat 2nd – Sun 3rd Feb 8am – 4pm

Ayurveda is the product of a civilisation deeply rooted in Mother Nature. As the healing arm of the yoga tradition, it teaches that we can only flourish with nature’s assistance, by learning how the cycles of nature have a tangible impact on our health and happiness.

Today’s health practices often ignore our individuality. They treat our symptoms without acknowledging the environment (internal and external) in which those symptoms are embedded. On the other hand, Ayurveda teaches that we can only heal ourselves by making this relationship conscious.

This-two day workshop is for anyone ready to take responsibility for their wellbeing, naturally.


  • How to harness the cycles of nature in order to flourish
  • Your unique Ayurvedic blueprint
  • The source of body-mind imbalances and how to address them naturally
  • Simple and effective lifestyle practices to help you achieve optimum health in a way that honours your uniqueness
  • The impact of food on your mood and health and how to use food as your partner in healing and happiness
  • How to tailor your yoga practice to meet your individual needs (there’s no such thing as ’one size fits all’)


  • Three take-home yoga practice videos (including asana, pranayama, meditation)
  • Aworkbook to help you manage your ongoing commitment


Rp 1.500.000