Alive. The Power of Your Breath

Sat 16th – Sun 17th eb 8am – 5pm

Pranayama is the discipline of breath. To awaken your prana intelligently and to become aware of the awakened pranas will build vitality, mental control, psychological and emotional balance, mental and physical healing, and connection to higher consciousness.

Deepening and mastering meditation practices on an advanced level it also awakens the psychic abilities.

In this two days workshop focus on breathwork, we will explore;

  • Making the mind more fit for meditation
  • Understanding breath as a purification practice
  • Developing the quality of human consciousness
  • Creating a daily constant awareness of the breath and how it impacts the Yoga practice and your current state of being (physical, emotional and psychological)
  • Mastery of breath – how it leads to mastering energy (prana) and ultimately mastering life
  • Techniques to purify and unblock disease, tension, accumulation of impurities, negative thoughts or samskaras (traumas) – What the ancient Yogis called the Nadis: mental patterns lodged in the subconscious and unconscious that block energy channels.

This workshop is for students who are committed to deepen their practices beyond than just asanas (poses) and teachers who want to create a richer breath knowledge and experience through traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga.


Rp 1.500.000