Life Masterclass April

19th – 21st April 8am – 6:00pm

How to Get to Your Next Level of Success & Abundance.

Discover how to become the best version of yourself: happy, abundant, successful, fulfilled, joyful, healthy and vibrant. Experience a ‘shift’ and step above your limitations.

Get (crystal) clear of your future direction.

    • Process a core limiting belief to liberate energy and gain confidence.
    • Process a limiting belief that is in the way to achieving your greatest desires
    • Make better choices by understanding and shifting unconscious habits.
    • Turn up the volume on Self Love.
    • Learn the best ways to process your emotions to access more energy.
    • Turn purpose & passion into a lifestyle.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Guided meditations
    • Vegan and Yummy Breakfast
    • Healthy snacks
    • Free copy of one of Carl’s books
    • The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy (Value: $20)
    • Audio recordings of all guided meditations
    • Post workshop resources
    • Discount for the 30-Day Challenge
    • Access to a Life Audit Program

Rp 4.200.000

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