Scheduled Events

Meditation Workshop with Michael King

SUN 25th march 2pm – 5pm

Lighting The Flames of Awareness

3 hour workshop with Michael King, exploring the mechanics of clear seeing, wisdom and transformation.

When the flame of awareness is burning bright we see the whole world as luminous. When we connect with the light of Divinity within, we recognise that same Divinity in all things. In this workshop you will learn the 2 sides to creating illumined awareness; transforming that which smothers the flames, through self-inquiry (traditional Vedantic meditation) and sustaining the flames through basking in the field of Being.

Michael King and his wife Hannah are the co-owners and co-founders of Church With No Walls – A Community for Limitless Living. Michael is a life coach, meditation instructor, Hatha Yoga teacher and whole foods cooking teacher. Michael is also a regular visiter to Bali as he is part of the teaching faculty on The Practice Bail’s yoga teacher training program.

Rp 300,000



Life Masterclass with Carl Massy

FRI 30th march – SUN 1st APR 2018



This 3-Day immersion in a very general sense is about processing the past (which is holding you back from your greatness), getting clarity of your most desired future and learning how to optimizing the present to become more centered, grounded, effective and powerful.

When you focus on these three things (and do the right work in the right way) you take your life up to the a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

  • A new level of ABUNDANCE.
  • A new level of VITALITY.
  • A new level of SUCCESS.
  • A new level of SELF LOVE.

This is for those people who want to experience their life at a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.




Some of the main ‘BENEFITS’

  • Process your most disempowering and limiting beliefs to liberate energy and to become unstoppable
  • Get crystal clear on what your purpose is and your most desired goals
  • Learn how to increase your powers to create and manifest your goals
  • Increase your ability to remain calm and centred through your day
  • Create lasting change with the bonus 30-Day Challenge
  • Learn how to process your emotions more effectively
  • Get 100% about what might be holding you back
  • Get bonus Resources after the weekend
  • Increase your self love


Now the ‘HOW’

Friday & Saturday (8:00am – 8:30pm) | Sunday (8:00am – 5:00pm)



  1. Peak Performance Morning Rituals
  2. Mindful Yoga
  3. Life at the Next Level
  4. Processing your Core Limiting Beliefs
  5. Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be
  6. Special Evening Event


  1. Peak Performance Morning Rituals
  2. Mindful Yoga
  3. Beliefs Workout
  4. Getting Clarity on Your Future Path
  5. Goal Setting Workshop
  6. Special Evening Event


  1. Peak Performance Morning Rituals
  2. Mindful Yoga
  3. Optimizing Your Days
  4. Deep Dive Coaching and Q&A
  5. Implanting the Next Level & Next Steps

There will also be numerous guided meditations, NLP techniques, and interactive activities each day.



One trait that is consistent for successful people is they have a very clear set of daily routines they perform and most of the time these are performed as morning rituals. So the first part of both days will be actively participating in the exact Daily Rituals that I practice, which includes meditation, journaling, gratitude exercises, energization exercises, mantra’s, yoga, and prioritizing my day (plus others). We are about creating a fertile environment for success.


Done mindully, yoga is a powerful tool for internal transformation. This will set you up physically, mentally and emotionally for shifts to occur through the day. Don’t be surprised when it happens. And when it does I will just be saying, ‘I told you so’.

LIFE AT the next level

This is where we warm you up for the magic to come. I want want you to understand what your life at the next level has the potential to be. When you set a clear and firm intention, you prime your brain to draw to it everything that will make that possibility a reality.


I am assuming that most of you have heard the idea about limiting beliefs negatively impacting our lives. Or that our beliefs can create self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives. Well, this part of the day is not only understanding a lot more about beliefs, but doing a powerful belief activity to identify and process your Core Limiting Belief. This will free energy, and also make you live and behave in a much less ‘reactive’ way. The more fully you engage in this work the more powerful your experience and the greater the shift you will experience.

becoming who you are meant to be

This is where we get into an exploration of your personal identity. How it was formed, the impact it has on you and how you might choose to change curtain aspects when you become aware that they may be holding you back.


This event is designed to continue your journey inwards and connect with the most powerful inner parts of yourself.

beliefs WORKOUT

This is a workshop activity to establish what is one of your core disempowering beliefs in an area of your life where you currently experience the most challenge. Once we have identified it, we will use a NLP belief switch activity to change it for a new empowered belief.


CLARITY IS SO IMPORTANT!! It is so hard to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to opportunities or distractions in life if we don’t know what we really really want. This is where we start unlocking that for you. We also go one step deeper, and ask ‘why’ you want this goal, to ensure it is actually YOUR goal. You will also learn the 6 Steps to becoming an ELITE Goal Setter.

If you don’t know what you want, you cannot program the brain to assist in the attainment of the goals you have in mind. This is about not leaving life to chance or fate, but living by conscious (and intelligent) intent.


This is where we take theory and put it into practice. We want you to get crystal clear about where you are heading and then we want to implant and enhance that vision deep into your mind, to help it manifest in a way that best serves you.


How you show up (that is, how you think, feel and behave) each and every day has an enormous impact on the life you create for yourself. What are your thought patterns? What are your language patterns? What are your behavioural patterns? How do you make choices? What choices do you make? What decision making techniques do you use? Learn how to optimize your brain, mind and body, to get even better results that accumulate over time to be a whole new level of Success.

The results you get in life are directly attributable to how you think, feel, and behave on a moment by moment basis. A series of successful days = a successful life!!


Before the Life Masterclass you are asked to complete a short questionnaire which asks you what your biggest personal and professional challenges are. Also what topics you would like me to specifically address. In this session I serve you with the challenges that are most relevant for you.

Complete the survey here


This is where we bring it all together. Where we embed things deep into your psyche. You also get clear about what you need to do next, and then next after that, and then next after that.

We are about PRACTICAL & POWERFUL steps forward for you.

We will also set you up for the 30-Day Challenge which will start in January 2018 and will ensure that you create lasting and powerful change in your life. This is a HUGE and POWERFUL bonus for the Life Masterclass. The 30-Day Challenge coaching program is worth 3M Rp by itself!!



I wanted to say a big thank you for the Masterclass Workshop. It was fun, informative, challenging, motivating and really worthwhile to help me focus and refine where I’m at. Much appreciated and thank you.” Phillippa, Coach, England.


“I confess I have a bit of a gag reflex to the energetics of most Life Coaches, and if this is your story too, then Carl Massy is your guy. Carl is the real deal with a joyful and sovereign mastery of his craft. Carl is more than a life coach and consultant. He is a surgeon – and he will help you cut to the bone of what no longer serves your story.” Parker Johnson, USA


The Code to Joy exercise was something I particularly found beneficial as it related to negative thought patterns in my life that I’ve struggled with for some time. Being made aware of this pattern and then provided with some easy exercises to address it was a great realisation for me. Given that we did this three times stuck in my mind over any other exercises. Carl is natural in terms of presentation, speaking clearly and effectively. Carl cleverly put together all the pieces of the puzzle with his holistic approach to life coaching and well being. The workshop was engaging and fun and that’s a lot to do with Carl’s approachable, bubbly and enthusiastic personality. Exceeded expectations and it was great value for money. I would definitely attend another workshop of Carl’s and highly recommend them to friends. ” Holly Rudge, Singapore.


“2016 was a practically difficult year for me, I was working a job that was effecting my health and relationships. After I quit my job and was looking for work when my friend reached out to me and invited me to attend a Master Class by Carl Massy. He told me that Carl had really helped him to make positive changes in his life. When I met Carl, he made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, the day was filled with so many techniques that I now use every day. Since meeting Carl three months ago I am writing a children’s book series about acceptance of others and social differences, I have been accepted into a top Fashion course in London, I’m interning for Nicholas Kirkwood in London for a month, I starting a new business aimed to help start-ups in Melbourne and my relationships are stronger than they have ever been. Carl is absolutely inspiring and a life saver. If you ever have the chance to attend Carl Massy’s Master Class make it a priority as it is a life investment, you won’t regret it!” Zoe Clark, Melbourne.


The EXTRA’s (Value: over 8,000,000 Rp!!!)

A gorgeous vegan (and yummy) Breakfast each day
Healthy very Yummy (hand-made) Snacks
A book from The Guidebook Series by Carl Massy (valued at 150,000 Rp)
An audio version of The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy (valued at 250,000 Rp)
Access to a Life Audit Program + 1 x Coaching Session** (valued at 1,300,000 to 2,500,000 Rp)
Numerous post workshop resources & guided meditations (valued at over 3,000,000 Rp)
50% Discount on the 30-Day Challenge (worth $150)
An MP3 audio recording of the event


The Administration Stuff


In order to serve you in the best way possible and to make the Life Masterclass as relevant as possible for you, I ask that you complete this very short survey with only 3 Questions (it will take about 3 mins to complete depending on how fast you type.



Clothes to do a yoga class in.
Comfortable clothes for the day.
A Curious Mind.


Early Bird Discount paid by 1 March 2017: Rp 3,600,000

After 1 March 2017: Rp 4,200,000

(If you have been to a previous Life Masterclass you get a 50% Discount. The Practice Online members have access to a 10% discount after the Early Bird Discount ends. Email Carl directly)

For more details email Carl directly:



Reclaiming Confidence with Naomi Saelens

Sat 14th april 9.30am – 5pm

Making the courageous journey to the authentic self.

Reclaiming Confidence is a workshop for those who no longer want to hold themselves back from the life they truly desire and who are ready to start a beautiful adventure towards courage and confidence.

During this highly interactive workshop you will:
• learn more about what confidence truly is and what it looks like
• understand why authenticity, vulnerability and living a values-based life are key building blocks
• uncover the beliefs that are holding you back and learn about how to start changing these
• start moving you into a place of action and help you manage fear better
• create the necessary mindset to support you moving forward

We will also work on your personal confidence project, so you can start working on making your dreams a reality rather than holding yourself back.

Rp 700,000



Silent Meditation with Pelin Turgut

Wed 18th April 7.45pm

This is an opportunity to come and sit in silence, and explore what lies beyond words, beyond the ever-changing waves of thoughts, emotions and sensations. This is an invitation to be fully present to whatever is arising within you, and to witness it in silence, giving yourself the chance to touch a stillness rarely accessible in our busy, daily lives.

A gong will mark the start and close of the meditation. All are welcome to this donation-based practice

Donation Based.



The Goddess Within with Diane McCann

21st & 22nd April 9am – 6pm

Today, women in our society enjoy more prosperity and freedom than ever before. We have learned to face new challenges and play new roles that were once reserved for men. As women – juggling home, business, men, children, learning, friends, money, love and life; when do we take time out for ourselves?

The Goddess Within is for women who want more from life; who want to find their connection with themselves; fill a missing void, re-connect with their core self. It is also for those who simply want confirmation that the path they have chosen is the right

You’ll discover how to:

  • Deal with Relationships… with yourself, parents, children, other women, men and the world;
  • Re-access your Innate Trust and Courage;
  • Use the Inner Strength that has always been there;
  • Find Energy you never knew you had;
  • Access your Personal Power;
  • Redefine your ability to Receive;
  • Understand and Release Old Patterns that no longer serve you;
  • See your Sensuality and Sexuality in a new light;
  • Honour, Heal and Forgive your past;
  • Empower your present;
  • Celebrate your future;
  • Make a Difference on our Planet;

The Goddess Within is a journey into yourself, where you’ll discover who you really are! The start of an exciting new journey; one where you have the power to make your own decisions and choose your own destiny, based on a truly authentic sense of self. It is a time to focus on you, gain inner peace, laugh, feel and grow… a time for wholeness in your life, your relationships and more importantly, in yourself! Through Goddess you will understand that you are a beautiful human being, worthy of love

The Goddess Within will give you tools to effectively deal with your life. It will give you the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle!
But reading this information is just the first step. If you truly long for peace, happiness and a stronger sense of Self, then you must take action. Many women don’t believe they deserve to spend time or money on themselves yet.

The Goddess Within is more than just a 2-day seminar… It is money back guaranteed investment…It is a gift that every woman can give to herself. Women from the ages of 12 to 89 have attended from all different cultures in the world, each rediscovering their own magic..


What Others Have Said about Goddess

I got validation about all that I am, a powerful, loving, creative, sensual, joyful being. The course provided space for me to move forward and claim and receive the greatest gift of my life. I loved it. J. Lewis

I made contact with my true feminine self at a level that I knew was my core being. The whole experience for me was profound. I watched women heal invisible wounds and uncover patterns they had adopted as their own. I saw how I limited myself, how I compromised what I wanted to say to protect other’s feelings instead of facing the truth with the truth. Goddess was a precious gift to me. R. Blundell

As a result of Goddess I now look back on my past without regrets and toward the future without fear. My inner strength has since increased 10 fold and I have finally achieved a sense of peace in who I am and what I can accomplish. My happiness and serenity has spread to those close to me and life is now filled with endless possibilities… who could ask for more. T. Lee.

Goddess was a funny, warm, nurturing, inspiring and thought provoking weekend. I learned in 2 days that it is possible to be powerful, healing and feminine and in the past few years I have put the principles into practice, ridding myself of unfulfilling relationships, gaining more in self esteem, courage and understanding of my own needs. Fabulous. S. Jacobs


About Diane McCann

Diane did her first workshop at age 13, since then she has been involved in the healing arts, personal development and business technology. Her journey led her through most of the alternative practices and qualified her in many, including NLP, Educational Kinesiology,  Chakra Balancing, Iridology, EFT and Rebirthing.

Diane had a private practice for over 40 years. She co-foundedThe Australian Institute of Rebirthing and was SA Director
from 1985-1992; She was responsible for having Rebirthing introduced to the prison system. Spending 10 years as Managing Director of a company, she understands both thepractical and spiritual.

She is a published writer, a frequent guest speaker on radio,TV and for organisations, and a wonderful storyteller. Well known for her ability to inspire people to achieve the best within themselves, Diane uses empowerment, humour, wisdom and skill to bring out the full potential in the people she works with. She creates a safe, non-threatening space. With a vision of world peace, she has an absolute passion for making a difference in this world and Goddess was created originally so that people could have more choices… thus living their lives consciously. One conscious individual is like a pebble in a pond and it spreads outward. This seminar started in 1987 and is run in Australia, Singapore, UK, USA and Malaysia.

Registration Closed by 20th Apri 2018.

Rp 3,500,000 or Early Bird paid by 21st March Rp 3,000,000



Ancient System, Modern World with Keli Dierings

Sat 28th april 10am – 2pm

Hatha Yoga for Beginners.

This is an entry-level workshop designed to help you lay the foundations for a life-long practice of Hatha Yoga. Learn about the three main limbs of the Hatha Yoga practice:

Asana: Why do we do poses? Learn key alignment principles and how postural practice fits into the ‘bigger picture’ of yoga.

Pranayama: Learn simple breathing techniques that you can do at home and why conscious breathing is important.

Meditation: Learn simple strategies that will help you slow the mind. Explore what it means to be present and start this incredible inward journey that will truly change your life.

Curious about yoga and ready to start on this transformative path? Come and join Keli for this four-hour beginners workshop; an opportunity to learn the tools to help you establish a practice that will take you beyond physical exercise. Evolve your mind, body and soul through the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga.

Rp 500,000



God is In Your Spine with Octavio Salvado

SAT 7th & SUN 8th July 2018

Two Day Tantric Hatha Yoga Workshop

Inside the spine of every human being there is an infinite power connected to the Sacred Source of Life itself.
Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga is the Science of mastering Mind and Energy, enlivening this Sacred Power and infusing it into all that we are and everything we do.

Embrace the Knowledge. Practice the Technology. Evolve your Life. This is the ancient Science of Thriving. TAT TVAM ASI.

7am – 9.30 am
PRACTICE: The Moon and The Spine

9.30am – 11am

11am – 2pm

2pm – 3.30pm

3.30pm – 4.30pm

4.30pm – 7pm
PRACTICE: Kundalini Kriya Yoga – The culmination of practice

Rp 1,800,000



Unleash Your Wild Woman with Celine Levy

13th, 14th & 15th July 9am – 4pm

A three day immersion into tantra and tao practices for female healing and sexual empowerment.

Yes, you can love your body, enjoy your sexual potential, embody your worth and attract new opportunities, feel sexually alive and empowered, change your limiting beliefs and practice self-love. Above all you can bring more pleasure and passion into your life.

Tantra and Tao are ancient spiritual paths honoring the sacred feminine. They create a system of development where sexual energy and desire are consciously harnessed to give you more connections and aliveness.

The teachings are the practical tools and techniques you need to feel the power of your erotic nature as a female being and to open into your full sensuality. This knowledge, that will be passed to you, will be of the highest integrity, truly heart based, with no explicit presentation or nudity.

Rp 2,500,000 or Early Bird paid by 11th July Rp 2,100,000