Scheduled Events

Emotional Mastery with Carl Massy

june 1st 9am – 1pm

Learn tools and techniques to enhance your ability to manage your emotional states and experience more peace and harmony in your life.

What you will explore and experience:
• The physiology of emotions
• The function of emotions
• Short-term techniques to process emotions
• Long-term techniques to create emotional stability & equanimity
• Mastering your emotions so you can elevate your decision-making

Carl is an author, master coach, and strategist who has worked with 100’s of diverse clients over his coaching career. He specializes in teaching practical, real-world techniques and strategies to help people experience life to the fullest of their potential.

Rp 450,000 (US$ 30)



Tantra Unveiled with Keli Dierings

sat 8th june – sun 9th june 8am – 5pm

Tantra is the science of mastering our energy and life. Hatha Yoga is the method, or the way that we can achieve that.

Tantra extends far beyond just Yoga poses. It is that which reveals our connection to the deepest and richest aspects of life: that which is DIVINE. The more life’s illusion is dissolved, the less we see the separation between life and spirituality.

Yoga is not an escapism of everyday reality, and the traditional path of Tantra Hatha Yoga says the idea to connect to the Spirit/ Source/God is that we can live our daily human life more joyfully. When we can make decisions in this life that come from the perspective of the Spirit, our actions will come from a place of truthfulness, love, compassion, and purpose.

Join Keli in this two-day workshop: an introduction to Tantra Hatha Yoga.

Learn the science behind Yoga poses, breath work, energy management, meditation, and traditional Yoga philosophy.

Rp 1,5000,000 or Early Bird Rp 1,300,000 Paid by June 4th



Hatha Yoga Bali Retreat Slow Down & Re-Connect

July 30th – August 5th

with Sandey Hoskin and Keli Dierings

Udara Resort Yoga and Spa, Canggu – Bali

Join Keli and Sandey for this special yoga retreat at a stunning Bali location – Experience the depth of Hatha Yoga through complete yoga practices, including, pranayama, asana, mediation and mantra. Learn some tools to slow down, re-connect and cultivate a solid yoga and meditation practice on a daily basis.

Single Occupancy: NZ $2599 or US$ 1950
Shared Room Double Occupancy NZ $2299 or US$1700

Limited Spaces
Full Info and Bookings at or email:



Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga with Octavio Salvado

MON July 22nd – sun July 28th 2019

300Hr Advanced YTT Bridging Course

Thousands of years ago an encrypted spiritual science was created – A step by step system designed to awaken humanity to its own sacred nature. This ancient science of awakening has long been forgotten.

Now is the time to evolve the way you think about and practice Yoga. This Intensive training is more than just an opportunity to practice postures in paradise. That would be a waste of time. This is a 7 Day complete immersion into Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, including concise lectures on Tantric philosophy and clear instruction into how you can use this system to truly evolve your life and achieve Yoga’s ultimate promise: Self Realization.

If you are looking for a Yoga holiday, this is not the course for you. Come ready to study, practice and go deep.

This Intensive also serves as a ‘bridging course’ for teachers certified at the 200Hr level through other Yoga schools who wish to attend our 300Hr Advanced YTT program**.

**Additional application requirements will be necessary.


Tantric Philosophy, Cosmology and Methodology.
Moon, Sun and Fire: The 7 Stage Process to Awakening Kundalini.
Advanced Sequencing: The Energetics of Asana.
Mastering The Prana Vayus.
The Gunas and Their Connection to Emotions and Meditation.
Kundalini and The Chakras.
Understanding The Science and Connection Between Asana, Pranayama an d Meditation.
The Science of Sound: Mantra, Vibration, Energy and Frequency.
Key Tantric Insights Into The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Ayurveda and Tantra.
Yantra Yoga: The Mathematics of Dharma.
Kriya Meditation: The Ultimate Practice for Modern Yogis.


Monday – Saturday: Session 1: 8am – 12pm, Session 2: 2pm – 6pm

Sunday 8am – 12pm


OCTAVIO SALVADO is a dedicated, lineage-based Yogi and the founder and co-owner of ‘The Practice’ – a Yogic Institute in Bali committed to keeping traditional yoga alive.

To Book please email:

US$ 700 OR Early Bird paid by April 30th 2019 US$ 620