Our Core Values


The Practice was dreamed up by Octavio and Rob, over a cup of coffee on a typical beautiful Bali morning. It was pretty much the result of a conversation along the lines of, “Let’s build a yoga studio”. And as if often the case, when we open to a path bigger than us (that connects us to light and love), the right people appeared at the right time to create something EVEN GREATER than the vision Octavio and Rob had in mind. The Practice is a vision manifest into reality, and built with three essential Core Values infused into the creation of the business, and the offering to our community. Let us share our values with you.

Core Value 1: Let’s bring the (real) yoga back to yoga

To hear Octavio passionately speak about how so much ‘yoga’ has lost it’s way, will give you goose bumps (as it does when I write this). You see, yoga is a philosophy and a way of living life. An integration of mind, body and spirit. Not in some bullshit new-age way. But in a complete, infused, integrated, bound like DNA sort of way. So our first core value is about bringing the traditional teachings of yoga back into everything we do, both on the mat and off the mat. The yoga classes are not about building a sweat up, or turning yourself into a pretzel, they are about giving you the tools, insights, and knowingness to become the most magnificent version of yourself.

Core Value 2: We practice yoga on and off the mat

We are about ‘walking the talk’. We are about using the principles, teachings and experiencing of yoga on the mat, to live a more complete life. The real work in yoga – the hardest stuff – is often not on the mat for 90 mins. It is what you do ‘off the mat’, as a result of what you learned ‘on the mat’, that is going lead to a fully lived and inspired life by you, and the raising of consciousness on planet earth. We practice yoga in our business meetings, in our conversations, in traversing our challenges or sticky points in our life. And we are 100% committed to offering our community the best teachers and teachings, to help understand specifically and practically how to live yoga off the mat.

Here is a practical example:

You are on the mat. Pushing yourself into your edges in Dancer’s Pose (Natarajasana), and you start to wobble and lose your balance and ungracefully land back down on two feet. It’s what you do after you ‘fall’ that is the teaching. Do you smile at yourself and get back up there to have another go at it? Just like in life when you try something and you ‘fail’ (aka: you learn & grow). Do you smile at yourself, or do you beat yourself up? Do you get back up, or do you stay in a heap? This is taking the practice & learning of yoga off the mat.

Core Value 3: We serve the community first

Yoga is about service. It is about becoming the best version of yourself (what Carl called the ‘BIG You’), in a way that allows you to serve others in an even greater way. We put service of our community first, and serving the business second. But the reality is that the greater we serve the community the greater the community serves us in return from a business perspective. So we ask ourselves on a regular basis, “how can we serve the community even more?” Whether that is the yoga community in Bali or the international community when they visit The Practice. And we are not just about the service of the community when they are physically in front of us. We are about supporting the community wherever they are on the planet by using this great new communication and connective medium called … the internet. 😉

We are also about supporting our local Indonesian community, of which we are an integral part. We are about creating an environment of win-win-win. By helping others to succeed, we succeed. In business and in fulfilling our own dharma.