Online Course with Emma Salvado

“If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design” Sri Aurobindo

Conscious work is needed to grow and refine ourselves as Women.

“This course is an introspection into the relationship you have with yourself and your power in the world.”

For too long as Women we have carried wounds and ancestral shame that has no place in our lives. Jealousy, frustration, objectification, comparisons and inferiority are all burdens we carry.

It’s time to invest in your transformation, letting go of limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns and move into this next year with more sincerity, confidence, clarity and grace.

On this course we will work through 5 cornerstone areas of life:

Identity – Health – Love – Family – Work

You will have access to 15 videos that are equipped with Lectures, Self Study Exercises and Practices to move beyond your wounds, access the wisdom within yourself, and become more comfortable in your own skin as you learn to embrace your magnificence and power.

Topics included:

Your 2021 Vision

Improving your Health and Vitality.

Changing your relationship to Money.

The importance of Ritual.

Clearing the collective wounds of Women.

Embracing the Goddess within You.

This course will begin on 1st January 2021 with a LIVE STREAM CLEANSING CEREMONY with Bali’s High Priestess to welcome each and every one of you, and to start 2021 in the loving embrace of The Divine Mother. This will be streamed LIVE on the private “She Let Go” Facebook Page.

Emma will also host 3 separate Facebook live sessions to answer any questions about the course, as you work through all of the practices and lectures.

You will be able to work through the course at your leisure, with LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the content.

It is my GREATEST desire to Empower and Support Women on their journey of Spiritual, Physical and Mental Growth and Transformation. Helping them to redefine their relationship to themselves and others.”
Emma Salvado.


Early Bird (paid by 24 Dec) USD 199