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6 Week Mantra and Kirtan Course with Ellen Arthur

26 April

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Bhakti yoga is a path that encourages us to come back to ourselves through faith, service, reverence and devotion. To call upon the names of the divine, so we can ultimately recognise divinity within. 

This course is designed for anyone looking to deepen their mantra practice, who has access to a harmonium/piano as the content is largely based around the voice and the harmonium. Beginners welcome.

What’s included:

  • Vocal health and warm up techniques
  • How to care for your harmonium
  • 6 x Pre-recorded mantra tutorials (total of 11 mantras)
  • Pre-recorded scales to strength vocal range and agility 
  • 6 x live stream sessions for Q&A on Thursdays 4pm WITA each week, continued practice on the mantras covered in the pre-recorded tutorials as well as kirtan/bhajan. 
  • PDF’s of all mantras and scales, with words and chords. 

What you will get out of this course:

  • Gain confidence with the keyboard, the notes, sargam, swaras and chords. 
  • Access to learning many of your favourite mantras at your own pace. 
  • The courage to use your voice in a devotional and loving way. 
  • Information on the Gods and Goddesses that we’re chanting too. 
  • Ultimately this practice helps you connect to yourself. The divine names that we chant are a direct channel to the realisation that divinity lies within each and everyone of us. 

You can take this at your own pace, all livestream sessions will be saved and uploaded for you to watch at your convienence. 

It’s an honour for me to share these teachings, from my heart to yours. Get ready to dive in. 


USD $349 (Rp 5,100,000)

Early bird USD$ 279 (Rp 4,100,000) Paid by 19 April

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