Octavio 2020 Europe Tour

Tuscany Italy Yoga Retreat – June 2020

A Journey into Healing and Self Empowerment 21- 27 June 2020

Join Chrissie Chung, Octavio Salvado and Emma Salvado for a transformative yoga retreat during a week in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy and gift yourself the opportunity to step into the power of self-reliance.

What to expect

Take destiny into your own very capable hands. This special retreat offers 100% traditional, lineage-based Tantric Hatha Yogic methods to activate your dormant power & potential; to heal simultaneously your physical body, nervous system & mind; to send healing to others, and most importantly, to move beyond fear towards a more luminous and intentional future.


Retreat date: 21 – 27 June 2020
Location: An incredible villa in Tuscany, Italy
Price: Ranging from €1500 – €2400 (Early Bird 15% discount if paid in full by 1 March)
More information: www.chrissiechungyoga.com OR Contactchrissiechungyoga@gmail.com

Join us!

The invitation is to live and love at your highest capacity, while at the same time achieve greatness in ALL areas of your life. All you have to do… is Practice!

50Hr Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Intensive in Munich, Germany

4 July – 9 July 2020

Thousands of years ago a systematic spiritual science was created to awaken humanity to its highest potential. Now is the time to evolve the way you think about Yoga and more importantly, the way you practice it. 

This 50 hour Intensive training program is a complete immersion into the science of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, including concise lectures on Tantric philosophy and clear instruction on how you can use this system to master your mind and energy, truly evolve your life and achieve life’s ultimate purpose – Self Realization. 

100% of this training, including all practices and content have been handed down in an unbroken line over thousands of years following the tradition of Parampara (from one to another). Now they have arrived at you.

Isartalstudio at Isartalstraße 34 80469 München • Germany

Each day 8am – 5pm

Information & Registration: akademie@patrickbroome.de