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Hatha Yoga Basics with Keli Dierings

Not only is this presentation about Hatha Yoga Basics, it is even more about what it means to PRACTICE the philosophies of yoga, moment to moment and day to day.

Keli starts her presentation – her first that she has delivered at The Practice and was nervous about – by saying that, “Today (because of a personal situation) was perhaps the worst days she has experienced in 10 years.”

She then went on to deliver a very heart-felt, raw, informative, engaging and even humorous presentation on the basics of hatha yoga, but even more so on how to use yoga as a tool to navigate your way through life, and its trials and tribulations, with as much ease and grace as possible.

For those of us there that witnessed this; it was a moving experience and as vulnerability expert Brene Brown talks about, Keli’s vulnerability in the face of heartfelt pain, was a sign of pure COURAGE. Thank you for showing us how Keli.

Keli fully encapsulates what The Practice is all about. Using conscious traditional yoga as a way to evolve into an even better human being.

Please enjoy.

Love from The (very proud) Practice Team

Below are some of the visuals from the presentation. We think you will understand when they come up in the presentation. ?

Or download the complete presentation slides by clicking here.