I have travelled the road less travelled, the road well travelled, and a lot of whacky paths in between.

One of the life-changing paths started with a personal development course in 1999, which caused me to delve into the exciting world of personal development, where I develop an insatiable thirst for knowledge and wisdom, along with physical mind-body practices like yoga and meditation.

As an Australian Army Major at the age of 29, I decided at one point that the box I had learned awesome skills in was just not big enough so I resigned, skipped countries, and took up a role as a Consultant to the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games. My leap of faith lead to five amazing years consulting to mega sports events across the world.

But it was in 2007, where I finally found the courage to leave my cushy consulting work to follow my true calling of helping people to tap into their full potential. It was time to set up a Coaching practice, with Bali as my main base.

Fast forward a few years and I have now coached CEO’s, elite athletes, world record holders, actors, UN workers, business owners, entrepreneurs and everything in between. I have also presented seminars to companies like Chevron, Aspire Zone, FINN Group and the SWIRE Group. Plus I run adventure retreats abroad and now authored three books (The Guidebook to Happiness, The Guidebook to Optimum Health, and The Guidebook to Authentic Success).

In the end, I just love seeing people tap into (a lot) more of the potential I know they all have. With 20 years of strategic planning skills, plus skills as a NLP master practitioner, reiki master, personal fitness trainer, hypnotherapist, and Coach, I am fascinated to find the little things we can start doing or stop doing, to unlock our latent potential.


Download a PDF sample of Carl’s 3 published books below:

The Guidebook To Authentic Success by Carl Massy – SAMPLE

The Guidebook To Optimum Health by Carl Massy – SAMPLE

The Guidebook To Happiness by Carl Massy – SAMPLE