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Business Partnerships, Intimate Relationships, Optimizing Health, Strategic Life Planning, Business Success Strategies, Career Transitioning

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The Guidebook to Happiness, The Guidebook to Optimum Health, The Guidebook to Authentic Success

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Favourite Deep Dive Program:

Adventure Coaching & Trekking in Nepal (more details)

Adventure Coaching (Individual)



Business & Life Strategy Immersion (1/2-day)

Carl freely admits that some of the biggest financial losses he has experienced in business have been the result of thinking he knew best. At the time he forgot some of his most important philosophies when he was consulting to Olympic Games host cities and security organisations: ‘We don’t know what we don’t know‘, and ‘we only know what we know‘. In other words, before you charge off in business, or even if you want to take it (and yourself) to the next level; it is worth talking to a professional with experience, with a fresh set of eyes, and especially with no emotional attachment. In this deep dive session he will not only be looking at your business and business plans, but just as importantly your personal psychology and lifestyle desires. Then he will get to work on removing any real or perceived obstacles from your success.

COST: only 5 Million Rupiah (for Bali-based companies & subject to availability)

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Private Coaching Programs

Carl works with clients from 3-12 months, and only a small group of clients at any one time. He is selective about only working with clients that are willing to put in the work, that are open-minded, that are willing to do the inner work, and that will not shy away from hearing what they do not want to hear. They also need to be prepared to change. To become different. Do things differently. And therefore get different results. His coaching is unconventional and will be what it needs to be, to get results for you…transformation towards your full potential.

ADVENTURE Coaching Program

One of his deep-dive programs open to 2-3 individuals per year is (bespoke) Adventure Coaching. This is a program for the person who is ready to invest time, energy and money into taking themselves, their business, their health, their relationships, their equanimity, and their success to a whole new level.

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Adventure Coaching with Carl Massy



“I wanted clarity and hoped for direction too from my coaching session with Carl and I got much more than I bargained for!  He has brought me back down to earth and it wasn’t with a bump but with a soft landing.  He has opened my eyes to reality and to not dream my life away with impossible challenges.  I now have some interesting and exciting projects instead to be getting on with and I can see clearly where changing some unhappy habits are going to create some more beneficial, life-long abundance! Thank you Carl.” Glynis German. Radio presenter, Blogger and Wedding Celebrant. Majorca, Spain


“While soul searching and self examination was difficult at the time, I have continued to look at my experience of Life Coaching under Carl Massy as a genuine life changing event. I now understand why I have certain life values, previously self imposed limitators and motivators for success in life. The experience was at the right time of life for me, under the right circumstances and with someone I truly trust. Prepared or not, I strongly encourage anyone seeking a change in life or confirmation of “why” you are pursuing a certain path, to make the most of an opportunity for Life Coaching under the care and life experience of Carl. You will walk away with new life tools and a brighter horizon. I know I did.” Troy Brice . Swire Oil Chief Manager. Singapore, Singapore


“I have to say meeting Carl was a real turning point in my Life. I found him firstly to be so passionately excited about life and simply being around him lifted my spirits. Carl has the ability to be 100% present with you and sincerely interested in what was going on in my life. With this loving warm nature of his I quickly felt the trust to be honest about myself and the issues I was having with the relationships in my life. Carl has a way of lovingly showing me that the path I was on was not  serving me well. He was then able to guide me with effective strategies to find peace and happiness. Always without judgement and always coming form a place or love. Carl has been my life coach for over 12 months and he has been wonderfully consistent at always saying exactly what I need to hear, to enable me to live  in the present moment and speak from my heart and own my own power. My Life has changed considerably over the last 12 months and I am proud of my personal and professional achievements. The conscious shift I experienced enabled me the confidence to grow as a human being and as a business women. I consistently keep in contact with Carl and always look forward to his wonderful and very honest and relatable antidotes and inspirations on his website and blog. I consider Carl Massy a dear friend and I am blessed to have met him.” Leanne Cave. Beauty Therapist & Lifeline Practitioner. Sydney, Australia