The Hypnotising Force of The Goddess Bagalamukhi

by Karina Guthrie. Do you remember the last time you were stunned? By an idea? A beautiful vista? An unexpected experience? Love or beauty? Beauty, in particular, has a ‘stunning’ effect. Think of the last time you told someone: ‘You looking stunning’. This ability to stun, in all its forms – according to the yoga … Continue reading “The Hypnotising Force of The Goddess Bagalamukhi”

Dharma, Beauty and The Goddess Lakshmi

by Karina Guthrie. Within the yoga tradition, the roll of the divine feminine is to confer power upon the divine masculine (consciousness). Shakti, after all, means ‘power’. Without Shakti, Shiva (the divine masculine) cannot manifest its consciousness in the world, because ‘he’ is missing an essential creative spark. The way each goddess confers her power … Continue reading “Dharma, Beauty and The Goddess Lakshmi”

You Are, and Have Always Been, Whole and Connected

by Karina Guthrie. Yoga’s spiritual teaching is that our separateness is an illusion; that the purpose of practice is to lead us to the remembrance of our wholeness. And yet, so often we feel separate, both from ourselves and from others, and from this essential teaching of yoga. Consider this: your wholeness is not an … Continue reading “You Are, and Have Always Been, Whole and Connected”


by Karina Guthrie (Published in Yoga  Journal Australia October 2017). Think of your house – the place you live – it contains you, you retreat there and inside its structure you change and grow. These things are healthy. Because you have a house you can move into the world and function there. If you never … Continue reading “Ego”