5-Day Immersion

5-Days of Traditional Hatha Yoga with Octavio Salvado

27th Nov – 1st dec 2017

MOON – Consciousness Illuminated

Using Asana, breath and gentle work with Mulabandha to cultivate stability and calmness of both Body and Mind.
 A deep, nourishing Asana Practice with longer holds geared towards the development of internal focus, presence and ease. Both standing poses and floor work are used to guide awareness inwards to touch that pure space of stillness known to the ancients as Purusha – The Mighty One, that aspect of who we are that is ‘mightier’ than all changes.

SUN – Radiant And Vital

Creating vibrancy, internal power and a deeper relationship to Prana through the introduction of deeper work with the Bandhas, Pranayama and solarising Asanas. The ancients knew that perception and energy levels were intricately linked and that the fastest way to shape the mind was with the breath. Evolve your practice. Evolve the way you see and experience the world and yourself.

FIRE – Awakening the Dormant Power within

Bringing together all elements of Practice – Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra and Meditation to skillfully guide Mind and Energy to various points within the gross and subtle bodies and ultimately stoke the subtle flame known to the Yogis as Kundalini.

Rp 6,500,000

Early Bird until Nov 1st: Rp 5,500,000