300Hr YTT Bali



28 OCTober – 8 DECember 2018

In the first verse of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, author Swatmarama states that Hatha Yoga is the ultimate stairway for those who wish to climb to the highest stage of Practice, which goes by many names, one of which is KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA. This ancient text claims that when practiced correctly and with the right attitude, Kriya Yoga results in the awakening of Kundalini Shakti at the base of the spine and the absorption of the individual self into the Infinite.

Level one training was the stairway, focusing on purifying and fortifying the HA and the THA, the Solar and Lunar channels within the body in the same way that the Gayatri Mantra is used to burn up old karma and worn-out ways of being. The level two training then, is that higher stage of practice and marks the evolution of the Yoga practitioner into the Yogi.

During this training we will move deeper into Tantric philosophy and Yogis will learn advanced lineage-based Kriya practices for Kundalini arousal, Mudras for the sublimation of sexual energy and practices for the rapid regeneration of the higher mind power of Ojas. Although throughout this training we will continue to utilize Lunar and Solar methods, the focus will be primarily on Agni Sadhana (Fire practice), and in the spirit of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, amplifying our light and bringing forward our unique soul-force into the world.

From the teaching perspective, come ready to go from day one. This 6 week intensive teacher development program is geared towards those already teaching who are seeking to deepen their teaching repertoire by adding the powerful Tantric technologies into their classes. Learn how to skillfully apply Bandhas, Mudras, Kumbhaka and Mantra within the context of a regular class format.

Plus receiving specialised training in anatomy based on the principles of Structural Integration, a form of manual therapy that works on the soft tissues (fascia) of the body. Yogis will learn how to read, and align, students’ bodies both verbally and through touch, with an in-depth appreciation of the mental and emotional impacts of doing so in a yoga setting.

The level two training will include a 3-night silent meditation retreat at the commencement of the course.
Our intention for running these level 2 trainings, which we will only run once every two years, is to help develop good teachers into great ones, capable of changing both the modern world of Yoga and the modern world itself. The group will be smaller, the challenge greater, the work deeper and the light from within will shine even brighter.

Yogis will be accepted into this training based on the following prerequisites.


Yogis Must:

  • Have a committed daily practice.
  • Be already teaching.
  • Be proficient in chanting the Mantra Laya (Video assessment required).
  • Be proficient in reciting the Gayatri Mantra (Video assessment required).
  • Be able to hold Headstand and Viparita Karani steadily and calmly for 60 seconds without the aid of props or a wall (Video assessment required).
  • Must have completed one solo round of Eka Dasi Kriya since 200hr YTT.
  • Submit their Yearly/Monthly/Daily Yantra Cycle for the month of November 2018.
  • Submit a self-assessment assignment and complete 40 days of personal Sadhana (More details on this assignment provided once conversation is under way).

Upon successful completion of this course you will be registered as a PRACTICE SENIOR TEACHER on our website.


First 10 places Price $4950*

FULL Price $5400*

Sign up for both 200H/300H at the same time and pay in full only $7460**

*We strongly encourage you to register by 28 July 2018.
This will enable us to process a visa for you, which allows you to teach a free class at The Practice, as part of the 300HR training. If you register after 28 July 2018, you may miss out on this opportunity, however you can still apply to join the 300HR YTT.

**Once application is approved.