300Hr YTT Training




NOVember 1st – DECember 14, 2020


In the first verse of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, author Swatmarama states that Hatha Yoga is the ultimate stairway for those who wish to climb to the highest state of Self-mastery.

Level One training was the stairway, focusing primarily on purifying and fortifying the HA and the THA, the Solar and Lunar channels within the body and mind, helping to burn up old karmas and worn-out ways of being. The level Two training is the evolution; a powerful and wholehearted immersion into the higher practices and teachings of Tantra, designed to guide genuine practitioners towards the final stage of their practice and develop good teachers into great ones.

During this training, we will move deeper into both the Fire and the Light, power and consciousness. Yogis will learn advanced lineage-based practices for healing, shaping karma and ultimately, Kundalini activation. These are the secret teachings hidden within Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and the orally transmitted Sri Vidya Tantric methods, all of which have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years.

Now the teachings have come to you.

From the teaching perspective, come ready to go from day one. This six-week teaching intensive and teacher development program is geared towards serious practitioners and teachers who are seeking to deepen their practice and teaching repertoire and bring the full power of Tantric Hatha Yoga to life.


This course covers:

  • MASTERING ASANA: Asana as it is meant to be taught. Not the way it is taught today.
  • UNVEILING THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE YOGA SUTRA: Why and how this text holds the secrets to moving us towards the culmination of our practice and the highest state of Yoga.
  • ADVANCED KUMBHAKA AND BANDHA TRAINING: Advanced Pranayama for the cultivation and containment of inner power.
  • MUDRAS AND KRIYA MEDITATIONS: Methods for directing energy and awareness based on intended outcome of practice, such as healing self or others, cultivating will power, developing higher mental faculties or activating kundalini.
  • YANTRA: Understand the Sri Yantra and how it relates to practice and life.
  • MANTRA: The culmination of practice. Methods to transition from mantra-recitation to mantra-revelation. Also known as accessing the Anahata Nāda.
  • YOGA NIDRA: Yogic sleep for deep rejuvenation, healing, cognition, will power and accessing higher states of consciousness.
  • AVURVEDA: The connection between Ayurveda and Tantra to call forward the grandest version of Self.
  • TANTRIC RITUALS: Generating auspicious environments, both inner and outer.



The Level Two training will include a three-night silent meditation retreat at the commencement of the course to ensure that the Moon is well and truly steady for this powerful journey into the depths of Tantra and into the heart of the luminous teacher within.

Our intention for running these Level Two trainings is two-fold. Firstly, to do our part in keeping the fire of tradition burning brightly. Secondly, it’s to help develop teachers into true forces of nature; teachers capable of evolving the modern world of Yoga and returning it to its original sacredness and potency.



To apply, here are your prerequisites YOU MUST:

  • Have completed a 200hr YTT through The Practice (or have completed a 50h Hatha Yoga Bridging Course through The Practice in addition to a Yoga Alliance registered 200h yoga teacher training program with another provider – please submit your 200h certificate when you apply)
  • Have a committed daily practice.
  • Submit a self-assessment assignment and complete 40 days of personal practice (details below).
  • Submit a 30 minute video of you teaching (details below).
  • Sit an open-book exam (details below), and receive a score of 90% or higher on that exam.


Personal Practice – 40 days.

Based on your current circumstances, both internal and external, and considering the teachings of Moon, Sun, Fire, choose either Moon, Sun or Fire as the orientation that would be most helpful for you to focus on as a personal practice for the next 40 days.

List the symptoms and goals (physical, emotional and spiritual) that you wish to address that led you to your conclusion.

Design a 90 minute daily practice, which you will commit to for 40 days with no excuses. Select:

  • 1 x primary Asana category
  • 1 x Pranayama technique
  • 1 x Kriya meditation
  • 1 x Mantra (see additional notes on Mantra below)
  • Please also see the notes, below, on the video assessment. The same requirements are relevant for your 90 minute sequence (although the length of time allotted for pranyama and meditation will obviously be greater in your 90 minute sequence).Please wait for feedback on your sequence from The Practice Team before beginning your 40 day Sadhana.

Additional Notes On Mantra.

Select one of the following Mantras to rest in and be transformed by at the end of your practice:

  • Gayatri
  • Om
  • Rama
  • So Hum
  • Maha Mrityunjaya

After your Pranayama and Kriya Meditation is complete, place, sense, feel or internally hear your Mantra vibrating and resounding in one of the three meditation gates (navel, heart or third eye). Let it be a combined sense of inner hearing and feeling. After a few minutes allow all effort to dissolve and the pure experience of the Mantra to spontaneously come forward without any attachment to how it shows up. Rest here in complete effortless absorption.

Video Assessment.

Submit a video of yourself teaching a 30 minute version of your 90min sequence. This should be submitted at the same time as your 90 minute sequence (you will receive feedback on the written sequence when we notify you of the success of your application).

The 30 minute sequence should include:

  • A 30 second introduction
  • The five poses that best prepare the body for the peak pose.
  • The peak pose
  • 1-2 counter poses for the peak pose.
  • Three of the standing poses must be dynamic (all dynamic poses must lead to a static hold of that pose immediately after)
  • One of the dynamic standing poses should be used to increase the breath (either the inhale or exhale, depending on whether your sequence is Moon, Sun or Fire)
  • One of the dynamic poses should be used to chant the mantra that you will return silently to at the end of your practice.
  • There should be 2-3 minutes of seated pranayama (as listed in your 90 min sequence) following the asana.
  • There should be 4-5 minutes for your chosen Kriya Meditation
  • Leave one minute at the end to rest in your chosen meditation gate while the mantra unfolds
  • You do not need to do savasana in your recorded sequence.



Part of the application process is sitting an open-book exam, which covers content from the 200h training. The pass mark for this exam is 90%.

You will have one chance to re-sit the exam if you receive less than 90% on your first attempt and one attempt to resubmit the video if it does not meet minimum acceptance standards.
When you are ready to apply, please email training@thepracticebali.com and request a copy of the exam. At this time we will also send you a pdf of the most up-to-date version of the 200h YTT manual. You can use as a point of reference when you complete the exam. 




FULL Price 5400 USD

EARLY BIRD Price  4950 USD (if paid by Sept 16, 2020)

SPECIAL PRICE 25% discount off the full price 4050 USD (if paid in full by Sept 16, 2019)

DEPOSIT (to be paid when application is accepted) 495 USD