30-Day Challenge

lifeaudit1If you want to get new results…more success, increased abundance, deeper love and connection, more certainty, more adventure, creating an even greater legacy, increased self worth, and making a bigger contribution to those around you then you are on the right path.

But here is one of the most essential steps. Before you get the new results. Before you start doing. You need to do two essential things:

• You need to know where you are starting from.

• You need to get crystal clear about where you are headed.

The Life Audit program is a powerful opportunity to take control of your life and it is currently being offered completely FREE for The Practice community.






Getting Clear


The Life Audit program guarantees amazing insight into your life, where you are and where you want to go. The Life Audit program consists of a series of questionnaires with THOUGHT PROVOKING QUESTIONS designed to clarify where you are in life, what is working well and what may need your attention.

The audit provides an amazing opportunity to set the direction you want to take in life, putting you straight into the drivers seat and in control of building life that is fulfilling, joyful, meaningful and full of possibility.

Are your stories helping you or hindering you?

One of the biggest, behind-the-scenes, influences on our success are the stories (beliefs) that we tell ourselves. Our beliefs are often controlling our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and therefore RESULTS.

Part of the Life Audit program includes a video and comprehensive digital book by Carl Massy called ‘Your Beliefs Are Controlling Your Life‘ and a simple self-paced workshop to identify what your key DISEMPOWERING BELIEFS are. Changing just one primary LIMITING BELIEF can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


You will also have access to ‘Become an ELITE Goal Setter‘ by Carl Massy, where he combines 20 years of strategic planning with NLP principles, to come up with a very specific 6-part formula for how you can not only move towards your most desired goals, but will also have them move towards you.



50% Discount on a Power Coaching Session if you are a paying member of The Practice Online Community

Imagine how beneficial it would be to have a professional Coach, who is not caught up in your stories, who will see things you won’t see or can’t see, and who will provide you with a completely different perspective.

Who wouldn’t want that sort of support? Well it is yours if you are a paying member of The Practice Online community.

You will get to experience – first-hand – the power of Coaching. Top CEO’s, athletes, actors, and high performers have been using Coaches for decades, since they know the HUGE BENEFITS of someone outside of them, with special skills, getting see and hear what they might be missing, and giving them support to bring out their VERY BEST.

(This does not apply if you are in a ‘trial’ period for The Practice Online)