Taste of Joy

by Keli Dierings.

Recently I have done an immersion training with my teacher Rod Stryker, it was five days immersion in Tantra and five days in Yoga Nidra. Again, it changed my life. It made me to remember why I started and how Yoga always up level the way I chose to live my life on every moment and day by day or year by year.

It bought me back to think how important is to go deep into something that you want, to emerge yourself, to learn, to experience, to feel the challenge, to overcome it and understand it deeper.

My teacher mentioned that he never spent a lot of time with his teachers, but he would visit them around every six months. I understand we don’t need to “live” with our teachers to go deep into our practices so that we can change our lives. We can simply spend some time with them, experience the depth of their teachings and then be committed to continue the work as we carry on with life. Because in fact, Yoga is not an escape from our reality, Yoga is a tool to deal with reality and in a skilful way that we can be more happy and fulfilled on every day.

This deep immersion trainings or deep Yoga retreats they are not an ‘escape” so when they are over we back to panic in life and forget the beautiful things we learn or the profound experiences our hearts dived into. This is for us to have a ‘taste’ of how sweet life can be and then be committed to add a little bit of what we tasted into our every day lives.

When I close my eyes and get quiet enough, I access the remembrance of his teachings and that is forever… You can carry that too!

The goal of our practices is to learn, experience it and then continue applying our wisdom in all of the times. I must say ten days with Rod felt that wasn’t enough as my ego wanted more, but in fact it was, now is up to me to find that inner strength and commitment to continue the teachings that he passed on and I am very excited for that!

This coming October I have planned to run a six days Yoga retreat with a very good friend of mine Sandey from New Zealand. I am super pumped to pass on the traditional teachings of Tantra Hatha Yoga and to help others to understand this incredible practice that change and evolve our lives. Sandey is also a Hatha teacher for many years and loves Ayurveda, so we combined powers to give this retreat an unique experience, in a transformative and educational way that people can take in their hearts back home the beauty of connecting within and live joyfully! Not only when they escape to a retreat time, but to carry that remembrance in every day life after we go back to ‘reality’.

Come join us for in our “Ancient Yoga – Modern World” six days retreat of beautiful traditional Yoga, healthy food, visits, accommodation beach location, presentations/ educational classes all in the tropics of Bali! Have a taste of joy and then carry that with you!

If this sounds like something you want to emerge yourself into please email me kelzinhanz@gmail.com or Sandey at sandeyh@gmail.com and we can give you full details, if you mentioned that you saw this on the article we give you U$150 off on the total retreat payment.