The 8 Best Cafes in Canggu according to The Practice Teachers

One of the most awesome things about Canggu, aside from the fact it is in Bali and there are amazing surf beaches and great places to hang out, is the incredible choice of tasty and healthy food. Too often tasty and healthy don’t pair so well together. But in Canggu, we are happy to report that great tasting and super healthy food choices are plentiful.

Since our teachers at The Practice are all about health, vitality and thriving in life, I figured you might be interested to hear where their favourite café’s are in and around Canggu. Let’s see where each of them recommend and why.


Karina Guthrie’s favourite café in Canggu is VEDIC KITCHEN

“There are lots of reasons I love Vedic Kitchen. The first is because they make the most beautiful Indian food. You know the kind of food that is so fresh and healthy you can feel it hugging your insides on the way down? It’s that kind of food, made with the kind of love that you can feel in every plate.

The second reason is that the venue itself is so peaceful. The decor is simple but the garden is an oasis, especially when the fairy lights turn on in the evenings.  There are two very big, very gentle dogs (like polar bears) that wander the venue greeting guests and accepting pats. Also, once a month they offer a food sangha, where all the guests sits on the floor and eat together off banana leaf plates, with mantra and meditation to begin.”

Located: Jl Dukuh Indah No 606 Umalas



Ferry Tan’s favourite café in Canggu is MUSUBI MODERN JAPANESE

“Musubi is a modern laidback and chill Japanese dining experience in Berawa, with innovative flavor, reasonable pricing and cool ambiance. I love it because every single dish is created and prepared with meticulous details. Creative, beautifully plated and delicious, perfect for both meat eater and vegetarian. And they are continually creating new dishes, which make people want to keep coming back for more.”

Located: Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu



Pelin Turgut’s favourite café in Canggu is BOTTEGA ITALIANA

“Bottega  Italiana is one of my favourite restaurants in Canggu. The space, because it’s small, has a very intimate atmosphere to it. The simple but tasteful decoration is also a delight for the eyes. Furthermore the food is served in beautiful plates. I love this restaurant not only because of its atmosphere. Their homemade pastas are simply delicious. You can select the type of pasta you want and then choose from a selection of sauces. My favourite is Orecchiette with Basilico Pesto. Desserts are a real treat too. The tiramisu will without a doubt make your taste buds very happy!!! They also have good bread and divine wine. So if you are craving Italian food, this is the place to go. Buon appetito!”

Located: Jl Pantai Batu Bolong 77



Nikki Niestemski favourite café in Canggu is KOLONI

“There are so many amazing places to eat in Canggu, so this was a tough choice to pick just one! But my fav at the moment is Koloni in Berawa. They have seating inside and outside, but the inside section is where it’s at! A perfect spot to escape to on a hot afternoon. It’s equipped with aircon and lots of power outlets so you can plug in and be productive!

They have lots of yummy options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. My favorite brekkie is a flat white with bonsoy and the big bowl of greens with quinoa. I sub out the eggs for scrambled tofu and get it with hash browns, avocado and mushrooms; yum! They also have carrot cake waffles that look amazing, but I have yet to try them…if you get them before me, let me know how you like them!
For lunch or dinner I love the fiesta in a bowl with tempe. And if you want to indulge get some truffle fries on the side! It’s also great because they take credit cards, so get that bamboo charcoal gelato and treat yo’ self!”

Located: Jl Raya Semat 1 Canggu



Naomi Saelen’s favourite café in Canggu is COPENHAGEN

Copenhagen is one my new faves in Canggu. A newcomer on the Canggu café scene, it combines beautiful Scandinavian decor with a yummy brunch menu that includes everything from breads, eggs, coconut yoghurts, smoothie bowls to sweet delights that you can combine to make the ideal brunch for you. Pair it up with a refreshing juice or a coffee to help you get ready for the day. And did I mention the lovely presentation? Perfect for a brunch date with friends and tucked away from the main drag in Canggu on Padong Linjong. Enjoy!”

Location: Jl. Padang Linjong No.71a Canggu



Keli Dielings favourite café in Canggu is THE SHADY SHACK

“I truly love many different cafes around the GU area. I really think we are very spoiled here with the quality food and many different options, with their own unique goodness! For me it depends on my mood and what I want, and then I go to different places. But without a doubt Shady Shack has a special spot in my heart. The food is so healthy and nutritious and I always know that I can trust the quality… and their cakes and desserts! OMG! Cacao heaven lol… try the chocolate mousse, your life will never be the same again!”

Location: Jl Tanah Barak No.57 Canggu



Carl Massy’s favourite café in Canggu is THE LOFT

The Loft came onto the food scene in Canggu, not so long ago. They are right on Batu Bolong, so you get to check out the Canggu scene whizzing past, by day or night (there is always plenty to see). As far at their food goes, I love the simplicity of their menu (I am not a fan of 10-page menu’s) and the tastiness of each of the choices on the menu. I have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner here and have enjoyed every bite. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite, as I have been working my way through the menu and I am yet to make a decision on my preference.

Location: Jl Batu Bolong, 50 Canggu


Feel free to drop in to The Practice yoga centre, whether it is before or after you settle your taste buds. We practice Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, plus pranayama and meditations, and have a free offering every Tuesday night. And enjoy the delights of Canggu, as we do each and every day.