The Yin Side

by Nik Robson.

Please don’t mistake my introversion for egoism,
Please don’t confuse my quietude for coldness,
Sometimes my soul yearns for solitude.


Yin Yoga creates a safe space for us to slow down, relax and explore the inner landscapes of our being.

Our modern culture has become so extroverted and externalized, it’s no wonder that Yin Yoga is rapidly growing in popularity.

It truly is the medicine for our modern world.

I believe Yin Yoga’s power lies in its simplicity. Anyone can do it and it requires very little energy, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. It creates a safe space for us to turn inward and feel.

To practice a yin posture there are 4 main steps:

1. Create a shape
2. Find stillness
3. Hold for time
4. Carefully release

These simple steps create a container for meditation. Poses are typically held for 5 minutes in a state of relaxation. The body slowly opens as physical tension and energetic blockages are released. Through these longer holds we access deeper layers of tissue known as fascia. The spacious nature of the practice provides insight into the mind and we start to develop the ability to patiently and peacefully observe our experience.

Throughout the process we are striving to embody yin qualities, physically and mentally. Once you understand the philosophy of yin and yang your practice will go to a new level. It’s a Taoist concept that describes the dance of energy in the universe. We can think of anything in terms of yin and yang.

Yin is:
Internal, cool, still, quiet, passive, introverted, rest… etc

Yang is:
External, hot, moving, loud, active, extroverted, work… etc

These are just a few ways to describe the balance of yin and yang. If you are honest with yourself, which side do you lean to in your day to day life?

One thing that yin and yang does not represent is right and wrong or good and bad. Eventually when we understand the balance of these two forces, we see that one is always transforming into the other, nothing can be completely yin or yang and ultimately, everything is all one. This philosophy is all about harmony and balance. Yin yoga is the perfect way to restore harmony for people who find themselves unbalanced towards yang qualities.


We are excited to be offering our first ever Yin Yoga Teacher Training here at The Practice led by Nik Robson with support by Karina Guthrie. This will be a foundational 50 hour course with the intention to provide you with the skills to begin to confidently teach Yin Yoga. It is open to Yoga Teachers who have completed a 200 hour teacher training. 

For more information about Yin Yoga Teacher Training at The Please email: ‪‬