Durga – To The Light of Truth

by Jyoti Murray.

When are you going to step up, said the supreme Warrior Goddess, Durga, wielding her sword, though her eyes spoke of pure love, this was a vision that came to me a few months ago. So crisp so precious her message, I knew on an intellectual level and felt it in my body immediately what she was referring to.

And she continued, “How long are gonna keep playing small?” “What are you waiting for?” “ When will the time ever be right for you?”. Then I got it, that lightening flash of the obvious…..there’s never going to be a “right moment” this moment “now” is what counts, this moment, is perfect. Aware living, using each moment to moment fully is a way to take our yoga off the mat, we can see swiftly what is truly going on, instead of veils masking and concealing the truth (ignorance). There’s a Sanskrit word “Vicche” which means to cut, in this image of Durga, her sword is held ready to cut off the head of the demon, which represent our ego….ignorance..that which is at the very root & cause of our own suffering.

We all have deep inside an innate calling an inner knowing of what our special gift is…something that we are just yearning for, there’s a little spark inside, a fire that’s requesting more kindling, you know it by experiencing feelings of joyfulness when you rest your awareness into this feeling even if just a few moments, it’s like coming home.

However with decades us of conditioning from family, friends, teachers, institutions, media, slowly over time we forget our essence, especially as women we get “domesticated”, loose our wild nature, shutting down our intuition for “logical” way of living, moving further away from our true nature.

The feminine is all about change, wild, free flowing change, this is represented all around us in nature and it’s unavoidable. So to venture into the unknown takes a good amount of courage, some warrior energy, brave heart as it’s certain to bring up feelings of vulnerability.

Yogic living is living with awareness, taking responsibility for where we are, letting go of the old stories, old relationships, situation that we’ve out grown. No-one else is to blame we become empowered when we can navigate through our own self doubts & unclarity. Like Shiva, Durga has a 3rd eye reminding us to remove veils of Maya, illusion and begin to focus our energy towards actualising our potential and see the life we dream of.

Durga means “she who takes us beyond all difficulties” it’s her fiery nature that forces us out of the comfort zone, inertia towards our highest motivation…this is why Durga is my Ishta Devi, my primary deity. It’s her radiant wisdom that dispels the darkness so we can upgrade into our next version, leaving in ashes old paridigms and limiting beliefs. She has guided me and will continue to guide me as I follow my instincts and take a leap of faith into my next chapter getting closer to my greatest version step by step.

It’s your nature to be full and glorious, we are part of nature, we are here to thrive and share our radiance.

I wish you courage to trust in the process, of this nectareous and often wild life by saying YES to following your truth and what matters to you most.