by Jyoti Murray.


I’ve never been one to follow the herd, as a child I wanted to be free, to do things a certain way, I was a bit like a wild horse that couldn’t be tamed!

By the age of 20 not much had changed, I wasn’t satisfied with my work, so I quit and 3 days later found myself on a bus from Brisbane to Melbourne moving to a city that had four seasons in one day, I knew nobody and had a bank balance of $200.  I recall the moment the bus pulled into Melbourne, wow, I instantly felt at home, and a sense of peace washed over me.

As I look back I recognise that this innate strong calling that actually made no sense at the time was in fact me being “moved” that I was being pulled onto another path, a different direction.

When I’m considering the word “Integrity”, I think about what is it that deeply feels right for me in any given situation, even better, what is it that enlivens me.  This is one of my favourite conversations to have with friends and students, helping to inspire them to get clearer on where they are heading and where they would like to go.

In the past I have found that when I was “out” of my Integrity life kinda sucked, things didn’t flow, it was often complicated and there was no juiciness.

When I’m “in” Integrity, it washes across every aspect of my life; this means the food and drink that passes my lips which becomes my body is wholesome, organic and nourishing. The people I allow in my life share mutual beliefs on lifestyle choices as well as enhancing and supporting each other to shine to be the best versions of ourselves.

And more, the working environment I choose has alignment with my values and sees me as an individual choosing me for me.  In my personal relationships there has to be an understanding that my spiritual path is part of what makes me whole and happy, and my partner understands my devotion to my yoga, meditation and allows times for retreat and ongoing study.

When I’m in my integrity life flows, I meet likeminded friends, I’m magnetic and literally pull in and attract EVERYTHING that I’ve requested.

I’m still a wild horse that’s softened with age, and that ageing has brought me the wisdom that I am accountable for my own happiness, I don’t rely on someone else to make me happy or things or an outcome…

Like OSHO said “It takes great courage to be a free spirit” and how I interpret this is to honour and stay on our truest path, being in “Integrity” we sometimes must be brave enough to leave the herd behind…